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How to Resign Saves Using The Save Wizard (PS4)

How to Resign Saves Using The Save Wizard

Hello Everyone!

Another easy tutorial on how to resign PS4 saves using the Save Wizard.

Resigning is the process by which you convert someone else’s PS4 save so you can use it on your PS4. It is only applicable to identical regions. (E.g US – US/EU – EU)

If you want to convert a US regioned save to EU or vice versa, check out the re-region tutorial here. Also note that it is not possible with every game.

You can also check out a full Save Wizard installation guide here.

Anyway, let’s get started!

Step 1. Make Sure Your USB is Plugged Into Your PC and its Empty

You’re resigning someone else’s save to your PSN profile using Save Wizard. With that being said, there’s no reason to have anything on your USB drive since the Save Wizard will create the save file under your PSN profile from scratch! (It’s like magic 😎)

Place the ‘other’ file in an easy-to-find location on your PC (like the desktop) N.B The file MUST be zipped using Winrar or else it Will NOT be recognized by the Save Wizard! (.zip files ONLY! .rar files WILL NOT BE RECOGNIZED!)

Step 2. Switch to the ‘Resign’ tab on the Save Wizard UI and import the ‘other’ Save


Step 3. Assign the ‘other’ Profile to Your Profile using Save Wizard

N.B You must have the profile registered before you proceed!

VOILA! That’s it! You Have Successfully Resigned a Save to Your Profile!

Check out the YouTube tutorial below!

Happy Resigning!




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