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Kingdom Hearts 3 Quick Codes

Kingdom Hearts 3 Quick Codes

Kingdom Hearts 3 Save Wizard Quick Codes/PS4 Save Wizard Max Custom Cheats

Kingdom Hearts 3 Quick Codes! These Quick codes are custom made by PS4 Save Wizard Max Community modders and are not endorsed by Save Wizard. Please use the codes at your own discretion!


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Item Flags. (Sets it as if you had them before)

4000086F 0000000D
42A40002 00000000

Gummie Section Testing
$41000E58 00000001
$447C0002 00000001
$40000E59 0000000D
$447C0002 00000000

Difficulty MOD
00000014 000000XX
XX = Mode
00 = Easy
01 = Standard
02 = Proud
03 = Unnamed Critical

Sora Weapon Mod (use Inventory Section.Xlsx – Item Equip ID Mods section)
Key 1
20001800 000003XX
20001878 000003XX

Key 2
20001820 000003XX
20001880 000003XX

Key 3
20001840 000003XX
20001888 000003XX

Donald Weapon Mods
200021C0 000003XX
20002238 000003XX

Goofy Weapon Mods
20002B80 000003XX
20002BF8 000003XX

Soras ShortCuts

Pre-Set A

1000BE98 0000XXXX
1000BE9C 0000XXXX
1000BEA0 0000XXXX
1000BEA4 0000XXXX

Pre-Set B
1000BEA8 0000XXXX
1000BEAC 0000XXXX
1000BEB0 0000XXXX
1000BEB4 0000XXXX

Pre-Set C
1000BEB8 0000XXXX
1000BEBC 0000XXXX
1000BEC0 0000XXXX
1000BEC4 0000XXXX

Soras Magic
1000BEC8 0000XXXX
1000BECC 0000XXXX
1000BED0 0000XXXX
1000BED4 0000XXXX
1000BED8 0000XXXX
1000BEDC 0000XXXX
1000BEE0 0000XXXX
1000BEE4 0000XXXX
1000BEE8 0000XXXX

99 All Gummi Blocks fixed
41000EEE 00000163
40300002 00000000
41000F82 00000163
40530002 00000000
4100102A 00000D63
400E0002 00000000

Max Gummi Ship exp

2000c3a8 0006ffff

9999 Crabs

10001764 0000270F

Shortcut 2 Edit

0000BEA8 00000096
0000BEAC 00000097
0000BEB0 00000098
0000BEB4 0000008B

Keyblade 1 Modifier (you cant swap back so use on a save where only 1 keyblade is equipped)

20001800 000003XX
20001878 000003XX

Replace both “XX” with:

3D – Master’s Defender (Not Tested)
42 – Kingdom Key D (Does not deal damage. Limited to magic use only)
43 – Mickey’s Upgraded Kingdom Key D (Same as above)
4F- Way to Dawn (Works! 5STR / 5MP)
50 – Braveheart (Same as Way to Dawn)

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