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Merge Racing Gloves Save Wizard Outfits! [GTA Save Editor]

Merge Race Gloves to ANY Save Wizard/GTA Save Editor Outfit (IAA Badge Transfer) 1.50

Hey guys!

Welcome to the Merge Racing Gloves Save Wizard Tutorial!

Today I’ll be showing you how to merge racing gloves onto any of your Save Wizard modded outfits and also, how to transfer any existing IAA badges onto your outfit!

This is all done without killing the bird! (No ‘Bird Wasted’ step required)

Check out this blog post if you need an IAA badge.

You will need 2 pieces of computer software and a few special files.

  1. Save Wizard for PS4 Max (PC/Mac)
  2. GTA Save Editor Installer (PC Only)
  3. ‘Save The Birds’ Modded Save (Includes 5 Male Outfits (SLA 1-5) Use this OR No. 4
  4. ‘Save The Birds’ Modded Save (All SLA at Default Setting) *BEST* Use this OR No. 3
  5. ‘No Hands Magic File’ (Used to replace shortlist actor data)


If you are a beginner, make sure you read the  GTA Save Editor blog post before you get into this tutorial.

If you’re new to the Save Wizard, check out the installation guide here:


Let’s begin!

Merge Racing Gloves to Save Wizard Outfits! (Male/Female)


Step 1. Import the ‘Save the Birds’ file into the GTA Save Editor

Merge Racing Gloves Save Wizard

Merge Racing Gloves Save Wizard

Step 2. Click the ‘shirt’ icon to open the actor editor and import the ‘No Hands’ SLA file

Merge Racing Gloves Save WizardClick ‘Replace Data’ (Top Right)
Merge Racing Gloves Save Wizard

Merge Racing Gloves Save Wizard

Step 3. Create Your Desired Outfit. DO NOT edit the skin/hands component

Step 4. Save your work and transfer the modded data to your save using Save Wizard

Click ‘import file’ (top right)

Select modded data file

Before you can hit ‘apply’ make sure the cursor is on ‘0’ (flashing) and hit 0 on your keyboard. Hit Continue, then apply.

Merge Racing Gloves Save Wizard

Merge Racing Gloves Save Wizard

Merge Racing Gloves Save Wizard

Step 5. Transfer save back to PS4, load story mode and start an invite-only session

Merge Racing Gloves Save Wizard

Step 6. Buy/equip a standard outfit

Step 7. Go to Tops > Racing Jerseys and select the Jersey with the gloves you want to merge

Merge Racing Gloves to Save Wizard Outfits

Step 8. Take off any accessories and save the outfit in SLOT #20

Step 9. (Optional) Equip an outfit with the IAA badge and take off any lower-body accessories. (Gloves, Cuffs etc)

(Doing this also forces a cloud save)

Step 10. Find the Time Trial on the map, start it then leave GTA online.

Step 11. Spawn as Michael and start Director Mode from the Options Menu > Rockstar Editor

(Wait for Lesters call, answer, then wait until he screams “HA-HAAAAAA”)

Step 12. (Optional) Select Actors > Online Characters to show your Online outfit with the IAA badge. Go back to shortlist actors to merge the badge with your new modded outfit, then walk out of the trailer.

Press circle twice to go back then select ‘shortlist actors’ to merge the IAA badge with your new modded outfit

Walk out of the trailer…you’ll notice your characters’ hands are invisible. This is what you want.

Step 13. Move away from your current position, return, quit director mode then start an invite-only session.

Spawn here…

Move away…

Return then quit Director Mode…

Hit X to confirm here and you should get an alert immediately asking to ‘launch’ director mode

**Hit circle to cancel here. If you do not get this screen try again until you can quit Director Mode and you are in Story Mode with your character in the modded outfit. Once that happens start an invite-only session which will fail and boot you back to Story mode. Simply start another IOS.**

Step 14. Launch crooked cop and merge the racing gloves to your modded outfit

Once you spawn online in your modded outfit with your IAA badge, immediately launch Crooked Cop. Do NOT save the outfit. Your hands should also be visible now. ***If you spawn with a parachute DO NOT take it off, just continue with the steps***IMPORTANT

Make sure you set clothing to ‘Player Owned’

If you don’t have a friend, open matchmaking and select Auto-Invite. You’ll usually have someone join in a few minutes.

On the Crooked Cop job screen, hit LEFT once on your d-pad to select the outfit you saved in step 8…

Then hit RIGHT once on your d-pad to MERGE the racing gloves to your modded outfit and ready up…

Step 15. Equip an earpiece or parachute then quit the job

Step 16. Save the outfit and that’s it!

That’s pretty much it! Congrats if you hit it on your first attempt! If you did not, TRY AGAIN! It works 100%!! (v1.48 – 9.11.19)


  • Remember to add the racing jersey you want to a standard outfit and detach ALL accessories
  • When you spawn online after successfully transferring your outfit go straight to Crooked Cop DO NOT save the outfit before merging the gloves

You can also check out the YouTube tutorial below.


Thanks for reading and I’ll see you in the next blog post!


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