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Max Shooting Skill Glitch

Max Shooting Skill Glitch – How to Max Your Shooting in 5 minutes! (GTA Online)

How to Max Your Shooting in 5-10 minutes in GTA Online with a Friend

Max Shooting Skill Glitch Blog Tutorial

Welcome one, welcome all!!

Today marks the 6 year anniversary of GTA 5!

I still can’t get over the fact that GTA 5/Online is still relevant after all this time! It is definitely the GOAT Grand Theft Auto!

Today I’d like to share a crazy glitch you can do with a friend to max your shooting skill in a very short time, even if you’re an absolute beginner!

It’s very easy and all you’ll need is a friend and a bike!

I also recommend investing $499,500 into a widow-maker which makes this process 100 times faster! If you are trying to start a second character and your main is Rank 120+, you can copy the rank on your new character and use the minigun!

If you’re low on GTA Online cash check out the Frozen Money Tutorial!

Let’s Begin!

Step 1. Start an Invite-Only Session and Invite a Friend


Step 2. Load Up on Ammo and Meet Your Friend at a Clothing Store With a Motorbike

This glitch works best with a Minigun or the Widow-Maker. As your shooting level increases, you will gain more ammo capacity so you’ll have to reload less and less!

(Recommended Clothing Store)

Step 3. Have Your Friend Enter the Dressing Room Select any Outfit Category and hold Up or Down to Cycle through the outfits rapidly

Your friend must have at least 3 outfits in any category. Simply hold up or down on the d-pad or joystick to cycle through the outfits rapidly. If you use the JS you can go AFK.

Step 4. Ride the Motorbike inside the Clothing Store and block the Doorway

When performing the glitch it’s possible you may agro NPC’s and they will run in and ruin the glitch! Watch this video to see 2 crazy instances of this!

Step 4. Go to the Dressing Room and Shoot Your Friend in the Face Until You reach Max-Level Shooting Skill

Continually shoot your friend in the face/head until you reach max level. Headshots gain more experience and with the minigun or widow-maker you can reach max level in 5 – 10 minutes! **PRO TIP** Use the interaction menu to restock on ammo!

The End!

And that’s all there is to it! Hopefully you managed to hit the glitch which will come in handy against try-hards/griefers if you are a low-level!

Also, check out the YouTube live demo of the glitch with bloopers at the end!

Thanks for reading and see you next time!

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