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Shadow of the Erdtree Save Install Tutorial

Shadow of the Erdtree Save Install Tutorial

Elden Ring Save Editor


For PC you’ll need the Elden Ring Save Copier. (Credits: BenGrn) Download it here. For PS4 you’ll need a Jailbroken Console or Save Wizard For PS4 Max. Get it here. ($59.99 USD) 2-Year Subscription


PC: STEP 1 - Locate PC Save 'ER0000.sl2'

Locate the  Steam Elden Ring Save File Location, (Default: C:\Users\*Your-PC-Name\AppData\Roaming\EldenRing\7656


Step 3 - Load the Game & Enjoy!

From here, load the game and enjoy your characters! The Grand Library of Raya Lucaria available so head there to respecc, change cosmetics, etc.

Step 2 - Import Modded Profiles to Your Save File

Open Elden Ring Save Copier and click Browse next to ‘Source File’ and navigate to the downloaded file. Click Browse next to ‘Destination File’ and navigate to your PC save file. Select 1 of 4 files and hit ‘Copy’ at the bottom. (You may have to close & reopen editor for each file)


STEP 1 - Copy a PS4 Save File from Your Console

This is a 2-Step process.

1 – Back up your current PS4 save and make a new early-game save. (Your current save will be overwritten)

2 – Use a USB stick formatted to Fat32 or exFat and copy the save from your PS4 then transfer to your PC.

Step 2 - Import 'memory.dat' file in Advanced Mode in Save Wizard.

1 – Open Save Wizard on your PC, right-click on the Save File and Select ‘Advanced Mode’

2 – Locate the ‘memory.dat’ file you downloaded and click the button at the top-right to import.

3 – Click ‘apply’ then transfer the save back to your PS4 Save Data and load the game.


Once the save file is transferred to PS4, start the PS5 version and on the title screen scroll down to 'Convert Save Data'. Follow the prompts and you're done!


Yes you can. Saves do not contain abnormal modifications, only max/multiple items. DO NOT add additional modifications using Save Wizard or any other Save Editor. We will not be held responsible if you get banished to the great void!

Elden Ring saves are encrypted with an additional layer of security. That’s just the way it is. Use the save copier and you’ll be just fine.

‘All Items’ in some cases refer to weapons and armor only. The primary purpose of some saves is quick build creation. Unless the save you downloaded is called a ‘Mega Mule’ a few items may be missing. Hey, at least you have something to actually do in the game now 🙂

Transferring and modifying save files is typically only possible on jailbroken consoles. However, since most PS4 players use standard consoles, Save Wizard allows these modded files to be used without needing any modifications to the console. Normally, you would have to invest in a jailbroken console, which can be quite expensive. Save Wizard offers a much more cost-effective solution.

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