Wasted Bird Skip! (How to Skip Wasting the Bird/Save Editor DM Outfit Glitch!) **Save Wizard** 1.50

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Wasted Bird Skip! (How to Skip Wasting the Bird/Save Editor DM Outfit Glitch!) **Save Wizard** 1.50

Wasted Bird Skip! (How to Skip Wasting the Bird/Save Editor DM Outfit Glitch!) **Save Wizard** 1.50

Wasted Bird Skip! (How to Skip Wasting the Bird in the Save Editor Director Mode Outfit Transfer! (Save Wizard)

Welcome to the “Wasted Bird Skip” Director Mode Shortlist Tutorial!

Today I’ll be showing you how to completely skip killing the bird while doing the Director Mode Save Editor Outfit transfer! (Save Wizard Method)

You will need 2 pieces of computer software and a special modded Save File:

  1. The Save Wizard for PS4 Max (PC/Mac)
  2. The GTA Save Editor Installer (PC Only)
  3. The ‘Save The Birds’ Modded Save

If you are a beginner, make sure you read the previous GTA Save Editor blog post before you get into this tutorial.

New to the Save Wizard? Check out the installation guide here:

Already using the Save Wizard? Here’s a link to more than 30 free outfits!

Let’s jump right into the tutorial!



You’ll need to install the GTA Save Editor before you get started. Don’t forget to use the free download link above!

Click GTA V

Select ‘Open File’

Import the special save you downloaded using the link above.

After importing file hit the ‘shirt’ icon.

The first 5 shortlist actors are populated so make sure you change the outfits before moving on!

When you’re done, save your file and go back to the Save Wizard to Import the modded save.

Select ‘Import’ – Icon Top Right


After you import the data, the values will change. Make sure the cursor is on the first 0 shown and hit ‘0’ on your keyboard. Hit ‘continue’ to bypass the error message then hit ‘apply’

After modifications have been successfully applied, it’s time to transfer the file back to your PS4.

**Top Tip**

On your console, delete all your save files (including backup) so that when you transfer your modded save it auto-loads!

Wasted Bird Skip

These should be the only 2 files remaining! (Remember to transfer your modded save after)

When you load your game, you should spawn as Franklin on the outside then glitch to the inside of his Aunts house.

Start an invite-only session

In the invite-only session, find the Time Trial on your map (it changes randomly). Before starting TT, make sure you force a cloud save (change outfit, equip accessory etc)

Start the Time Trial and leave GTA online.

You should spawn back as Michael. He will immediately receive a call from Lester. Answer the call and before it ends hit Options > Rockstar Editor and Start Director Mode.

In director mode, select your desired outfit and walk out of the trailer.

You’ll spawn somewhere near the movie theatre. Run away from your position, return and you will see Michael appear. DO NOT HARM HIM. He also reacts to pedestrians if they start to fight you or become hostile in any way (Even if you get run over by a car). Sometimes you will spawn with a wanted level. If this happens kill yourself and continue the process. It is a weird bug that can happen so look out for that.

Run away and look for Michael to Spawn where you originally spawned.

At this point, pull up your interaction menu and quit director mode. You SHOULD go back to the trailer. If you don’t and spawn back to the street with Michael, launch DM via the interaction menu.

Once in the trailer again, enter Director mode with your character.


Once you spawn in, wait around for 10 – 30 seconds, quit DM once again, then start an invite-only session.

You will be kicked back to story mode on your first attempt. Just start up another IOS.

This time you should load online with no problems and that’s all she wrote! Make sure you save your outfit and that’s all there is to it!


Anyway guys, there you have it, how to successfully transfer your Shortlisted outfits online without wasting the bird!

So much FASTER and easier!

You can also check out the YouTube tutorial below!


Thanks for reading and see you next time!!

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