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Duffle Bag Glitch Tutorial (GTA V) 1.50

Duffle Bag Glitch Tutorial (GTA V) 1.50

Duffle Bag Glitch (GTA Online) 1.50 Tutorial

The Duffle bag glitch still works on 1.50!

Welcome to today’s tutorial!

This will enable you to regain your duffle bag after you bring your modded outfits over from director mode!

If you are new, go here for the free save download of the outfits from Part 1 and a tutorial on how to apply them!

Go here for Part 2. 

Here for Part 3.

Remember, you will need the Save Wizard for PS4 Max to use Director mode outfits!


In order to set up the glitch, we need to do a few things.

#1. Purchase a Nightclub

#2. Purchase a Terrorbyte

#3. Purchase the ‘Israel’ backpack parachute

#4. Register as a CEO

Once you have all of these in order, you are ready to set up the glitch

Step 1. Equip the backpack and start Client Job – ‘Robbery in Progress’

The first thing we need is a duffle bag. We can get one in the mission “Robbery in progress” via the Client Jobs selection in the Benefactor Terrorbyte ‘after hours’ update.

We need to stop the robbery in progress and high-tail it with the duffle bag.

duffle bag glitch


Do what you need to do and get outta there with the duffle bag.

duffle bag glitch

Step 2. Complete the Job and call your Buzzard.


Step 3. Get into the Buzzard to refresh your Parachute, Step back out, Equip it and then Get back in again


Step 4. Head over to Vespucci Masks and parachute onto the sand to choose the outfit you want to merge with the duffle bag


Step 5. Respawn the Buzzard for the last time and parachute directly in front of Vespucci Masks



Final step! This might take you a few tries but you’ll get it!

Fly a good distance away from Vespucci Masks and try to parachute directly in front of it! You want to land right in front of the masks and spam right!

You will see the duffle bag disappear but it’s ok! Don’t panic!

After you save the outfit all you need to do is go to the interaction menu and select the outfit you saved with the duffle bag and you Gucci fam!

Remember, the outfit you have with the Duffle bag is glitched and you need to kill yourself to change it!

You also cant modify it so make sure you have the complete outfit set when you make your selection on the previous jump!


Don’t forget to share this awesome glitch with your friends while playing GTA Online!

YouTube Video Tutorial!




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