Unlock Your PS5: Step-by-Step 2024 Jailbreaking Guide [4.50]

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Unlock Your PS5: Step-by-Step 2024 Jailbreaking Guide [4.50]

Unlock Your PS5: Step-by-Step 2024 Jailbreaking Guide [4.50]

Discover the Full Potential of Your PS5 with Jailbreaking

How to jailbreak a PS5!

Ok, so you want to ‘Jailbreak’ your PS5. You’ve never done anything like this before and heck, you don’t even know what ‘Jailbreaking’ is…

Jailbreaking a PS5 involves modifying the console’s firmware to remove restrictions imposed by Sony. This process allows users to install custom software, run unauthorized games, and access system features not intended for regular users. It essentially grants administrative control over the PS5, bypassing standard security measures.

Benefits of Jailbreaking a PS5

  1. Custom Firmware Installation: Allows for the use of custom operating systems and homebrew applications.
  2. Running Unsigned Code: Enables running applications and games not officially supported by Sony.
  3. Enhanced Customization: Users can personalize the interface and system settings beyond standard options.
  4. Backup and Play Games: Ability to create backups of games and play them directly from the hard drive.
  5. Access to Additional Features: Unlocks features and settings that are normally restricted, offering a more versatile gaming experience.

ps5 Jailbreak Step-By-Step [4.50] – How to jailbreak a PS5

Currently, consoles 4.51 and below are solely eligible for Jailbreak. Join our Discord here to get help sourcing a compatible PS5.

This Jailbreak applies to software version 4.50 update (should work on other compatible firmwares)

Step 1. Set Up Your Network

Turn your internet connection OFF

Turn Download and Install Update Files Automatically OFF

Reconnect to the internet

Step 2. Get onto a Web Browser

Under Settings, head to User’s Guide, Health & Safety and Other Information > User’s Guide

Navigate to the link below

Scroll Down and FIND A WAY to Get onto the Google Homepage. You can do it any way you like. Here, we selected X

Then click the ‘Sign Up With Google’ Option. We’re not actually signing in or up, the objective is to reach Google’s homepage

Select the ‘Privacy’ or ‘Terms’ option

Select the hyperlink in the top left to get to the Google Home Page

Enter ES7in1 in the search bar

Step 3. Run the Jailbreak

Hit the blue ‘Visit’ button to get to the EchoStretch Host

Select the ‘Idlesauce’ Option at the bottom right. You can also explore additional options if you know what you’re doing

Hit the Jailbreak button in the middle (you can’t miss it)

Let the Jailbreak run…

Select ETAHen at the top left

Go back to settings on your PS5 and scroll down to the bottom and you now have a Debug Settings Option! Congratulations, you have successfully performed the Jailbreak!

Step 4. Install the Homebrew Store, Web browser, Itemzflow Game Manager & exploithosts.zip

Download all files HERE

Transfer these files via USB to your PS5. Make sure your USB file format is Fat32 or ExFat. You can also explore additional apps if you know what you’re doing

Head to Debug Settings > Game > Package Installer (Hit ‘ok’ on the ‘Something Went Wrong’ Screen)

Select ‘Install All’

Now you have all the necessary files installed on your PS5 XMB! Don’t forget to Select ‘Update Later’ to bypass then launch your apps!

Once the console stays on or is put in rest mode, the jailbreak remains active. If the console is turned off, you’ll need to select the Idlesauce host (or your preferred host) to re-jailbreak the console.

Happy Jailbreaking!

YouTube Tutorial Video Below!

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