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Assassins Creed Valhalla (Save Wizard Quick Codes)

Assassins Creed Valhalla (Save Wizard Quick Codes)

Assassins Creed Valhalla – PS4 Save Wizard Max (Custom Quick Codes)

Assassins Creed Valhalla Quick Codes are custom made by PS4 Save Wizard Max Community modders are not endorsed by Save Wizard. Please use the codes at your own discretion!


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Codes by: SkillerCMP, Pj1980#8357, #0001, Vicodin10#8882



Equipment Swap Mod (Template) *

X = The Item ID You Have Goes Here

Y = The Item ID You Want Goes Here

V = 01 or 0A


80010008 BFE232C3
BFE232C3 00000000
8801000C 1C000B01
93000000 00000012
28000000 000000VV
A8000016 00000008


*All equipment tiers MUST match in order for swap to work!

Eg. Legendary weapons (Excalibur, Mjolnir) base level is MYTHICAL so your original gear must be upgraded to mythical quality before you perform the swap! You must also have armor/weapons equipped and NOT in the inventory!


Varins Axe To Mjolnir

80010008 BFE232C3
BFE232C3 00000000
8801000C 1C000B01
0CBB7518 B5010000
93000000 00000012
28000000 0000000A
A8000016 00000008
ACD07518 B5010000


Housecarl’s Axe To Mjolnir

80010008 BFE232C3
BFE232C3 00000000
8801000C 1C000B01
A14D670E 7E010000
93000000 00000012
28000000 0000000A
A8000016 00000008
ACD07518 B5010000


Mjolnir To Excalibur

80010008 BFE232C3
BFE232C3 00000000
8801000C 1C000B01
ACD07518 B5010000
93000000 00000012
28000000 0000000A
A8000016 00000008
95AB7418 B5010000


Excalibur To Mjolnir

80010008 BFE232C3
BFE232C3 00000000
8801000C 1C000B01
95AB7418 B5010000
93000000 00000012
28000000 0000000A
A8000016 00000008
ACD07518 B5010000


Wrath of The Druids DLC (Ireland Resources)


3757D714C B010000


1541918D C7010000


3C43918D C7010000


4B43918D C7010000

Trade Post Supplies Money Irish Cargo

1C0B8152 D7010000

Max Yule Tokens

80010010 1C000B01
05D0FB80 C1010000
16000000 00000000
28000078 05F5E0FF
88010010 1C000B01
05D0FB80 C1010000
16000000 00000000
28000078 05F5E0FF
88010010 1C000B01
05D0FB80 C1010000
16000000 00000000
28000078 05F5E0FF
88010010 1C000B01
05D0FB80 C1010000
16000000 00000000
28000078 05F5E0FF
88010010 1C000B01
05D0FB80 C1010000
16000000 00000000
28000078 05F5E0FF


Weapon/Armor ID’s (See Resource Sheet For More)

39F47C1BB9010000 Bracers Aranharekovy Armor – Bracers
0EE67C1BB9010000 Bracers PETN Armor – Bracers
123D7D1BB9010000 Bracers Huldufolk Armor – Bracers
193F7D1BB9010000 Bracers DRAUGR Armor – Bracers
20417D1BB9010000 Bracers Berserker Armor – Bracers
39F77C1BB9010000 Bracers Thor Armor – Bracers
44477D1BB9010000 Bracers Carolingian Armor – Bracers
4EF347F4AE010000 Bracers Brigantine Armor – Bracers
6345EDD3C3010000 Default Bracers Armor – Bracers
73FC7C1BB9010000 Gloves Unseen Armor – Bracers
AEF17C1BB9010000 Bracers Mentor Armor – Bracers
C1EB7C1BB9010000 Bracers Gallowglass Armor – Bracers
C8ED7C1BB9010000 Master’s Bracers Armor – Bracers
D0E87C1BB9010000 Hunter’s Bracers Armor – Bracers
D46C619FD7010000 Bracers Of The Einherjar Armor – Bracers
D51D791BB9010000 Bracers Of The Valkyries Armor – Bracers
DE717318B5010000 Bracers Raven Clan Armor – Bracers
A3F47C1BB9010000 Cloak Aranharekovy Armor – Cloak
0345EDD3C3010000 Default Cloak Armor – Cloak
18F27C1BB9010000 Cloak Mentor Armor – Cloak
291E791BB9010000 Cloak Of The Valkyries Armor – Cloak
2BEC7C1BB9010000 Cloak Gallowglass Armor – Cloak
32EE7C1BB9010000 Master’s Cloak Armor – Cloak
3AE97C1BB9010000 Hunter Cloak Armor – Cloak
7C3D7D1BB9010000 Cloak Huldufolk Armor – Cloak
833F7D1BB9010000 Cloak DRAUGR Armor – Cloak
8A417D1BB9010000 Cloak Berserker Armor – Cloak
9B6C619FD7010000 Cloak Einherjar Armor – Cloak
A3F77C1BB9010000 Cloak Thor Armor – Cloak
AE477D1BB9010000 Cloak Carolingian Armor – Cloak
AFE57C1BB9010000 Cloak Of PETN Armor – Cloak
D03B66C6B3010000 Cloak Brigantine Armor – Cloak
DDFC7C1BB9010000 Cloak Of The Unseen Armor – Cloak
FC1765C6B3010000 Clan Cloak Crow Armor – Cloak
02F57C1BB9010000 Helmet Aranharekovy Armor – Helmets
02F87C1BB9010000 Thor’s Helmet Armor – Helmets
0D487D1BB9010000 Helmet Carolingian Armor – Helmets
3CFD7C1BB9010000 Mask Of The Unseen Armor – Helmets
45E57C1BB9010000 Majestic Helmet PETN Armor – Helmets
5EF247F4AE010000 Helmet Brigantine Armor – Helmets
626C619FD7010000 Helmet Einherjar Armor – Helmets
731E791BB9010000 Helmet Valkyrie Armor – Helmets
77F27C1BB9010000 Mentor Mask Armor – Helmets
8AEC7C1BB9010000 Helmet Gallowglass Armor – Helmets
91EE7C1BB9010000 Master Mask Armor – Helmets
9844EDD3C3010000 Default Helmet Armor – Helmets
99E97C1BB9010000 Hunter Helmet Armor – Helmets
CFAE7718B5010000 Helmet Crow Clan Armor – Helmets
DB3D7D1BB9010000 Mask Huldufolk Armor – Helmets
E23F7D1BB9010000 Helmet DRAUGR Armor – Helmets
E9417D1BB9010000 Helmet Berserker Armor – Helmets
6CF57C1BB9010000 Pants Aranharekovy Armor – Pants
FE7DB0E1C5010000 Pants Merchant Armor – Pants
03EA7C1BB9010000 Hunter Pants Armor – Pants
296C619FD7010000 Pants Einherjar Armor – Pants
2D44EDD3C3010000 Default Pants Armor – Pants
453E7D1BB9010000 Pants Huldufolk Armor – Pants
4C407D1BB9010000 Pants DRAUGR Armor – Pants
52F247F4AE010000 Pants Brigantine Armor – Pants
53427D1BB9010000 Pants Berserk Armor – Pants
6CF87C1BB9010000 Pants Thor Armor – Pants
7731D4D3C7010000 Pants Thrall Armor – Pants
77487D1BB9010000 Pants Carolingian Armor – Pants
A6FD7C1BB9010000 Pants Unseen Armor – Pants
C71E791BB9010000 Pants Valkyrie Armor – Pants
D4717318B5010000 Pants Raven Clan Armor – Pants
DBE47C1BB9010000 Pants PETN Armor – Pants
E1F27C1BB9010000 Mentor Pants Armor – Pants
F4EC7C1BB9010000 Pants Gallowglass Armor – Pants
FBEE7C1BB9010000 Master Pants Armor – Pants
D6F57C1BB9010000 Clothing Aranharekovy Armor – Torso
697EB0E1C5010000 Clothing Merchant Armor – Torso
78A335B8CD010000 Altair Costume Armor – Torso
FCA435B8CD010000 Ezio Costume Armor – Torso
10FE7C1BB9010000 Clothes Of The Unseen Armor – Torso
1B1F791BB9010000 Valkyrie Armor Armor – Torso
1BD947F4AE010000 Armor Brigantine Armor – Torso
4BF37C1BB9010000 Mentor Clothes Armor – Torso
5EED7C1BB9010000 Armor Gallowglass Armor – Torso
65EF7C1BB9010000 Masters Clothing Armor – Torso
6DEA7C1BB9010000 Armor Hunter Armor – Torso
71E47C1BB9010000 Cloth Armor PETN Armor – Torso
9E597318B5010000 Armor Raven Clan Armor – Torso
AF3E7D1BB9010000 Armor Huldufolk Armor – Torso
B6407D1BB9010000 Armor DRAUGR Armor – Torso
BD427D1BB9010000 Berserker Armor Armor – Torso
C243EDD3C3010000 Default Armor Armor – Torso
D6F87C1BB9010000 Battle Armor Thor Armor – Torso
E031D4D3C7010000 Shirt Thrall Armor – Torso
E1487D1BB9010000 Armor Carolingian Armor – Torso
F06B619FD7010000 Shirt Einherjar Armor – Torso
C4A435B8CD010000 Bayek’s Outfit Armor – Torso
6E0EB2E1C5010000 KOPIS Weapon – Hand Inventory
CD12B2E1C5010000 Shield Chichi Weapon – Hand Inventory
15C17E1BB9010000 Headstone Weapon – Hand Inventory
16E2313FB9010000 Shield Britons Weapon – Hand Inventory
19F16A77B6010000 Shield With Drakkar Weapon – Hand Inventory
1BD17F1BB9010000 Shield Huldufolk Weapon – Hand Inventory
33D07F1BB9010000 Rune Shield Weapon – Hand Inventory
3413B2E1C5010000 Gorgon Shield Weapon – Hand Inventory
4AD27F1BB9010000 Shield Of The Carolingian Weapon – Hand Inventory
6612B2E1C5010000 Spartan Shield Weapon – Hand Inventory
69CF7F1BB9010000 Shield Of Bone Tragelafa Weapon – Hand Inventory
7AC17E1BB9010000 Round Shield Weapon – Hand Inventory
80D17F1BB9010000 Shield With Celtic Cross Weapon – Hand Inventory
9AC37718B5010000 Blodvulf Weapon – Hand Inventory
AFD27F1BB9010000 Sleipnir Shield Weapon – Hand Inventory
B0C07E1BB9010000 Oak Triangular Shield Weapon – Hand Inventory
B6D07F1BB9010000 Winged Shield Weapon – Hand Inventory
CECF7F1BB9010000 Shield Kraken Weapon – Hand Inventory
DABF7E1BB9010000 Shield Morrigan Weapon – Hand Inventory
DFC17E1BB9010000 Royal Guard Weapon – Hand Inventory
E0595291C7010000 Shield Helgi Weapon – Hand Inventory
E5D17F1BB9010000 Bear Shield Weapon – Hand Inventory
06B77518B5010000 Doppelhander Weapon – Hand Inventory
0CBB7518B5010000 Varin’s Axe (Mythical Bearded Axe) Weapon – Hand Inventory
0D9D64C6B3010000 Hrafn Guard (Fine Light Shield) Weapon – Hand Inventory
3C346D81AC010000 Carolingian Longsword (Superior Great Sword) Weapon – Hand Inventory
4BC07E1BB9010000 Kite Shield (Fine Heavy Shield) Weapon – Hand Inventory
76D66A77B6010000 Raider Axe (Fine Bearded Axe) Weapon – Hand Inventory
95AB7418B5010000 Excalibur Weapon – Hand Inventory
A2744E22D0010000 Raven Clan Shield Weapon – Hand Inventory
A7BF7E1BB9010000 War Hammer (Fine Hammer) Weapon – Hand Inventory
ABD76A77B6010000 Fafnir’s Fang (Fine Spear) Weapon – Hand Inventory
ACD07518B5010000 Mjolnir Weapon – Hand Inventory
F1E57518B5010000 Fyrd Spear (Fine Spear) Weapon – Hand Inventory
FDE57518B5010000 Gungnir Weapon – Hand Inventory
18CA7718B5010000 Bear Claw Weapon – Hand Inventory
7A0DB2E1C5010000 Ax Fyrd Weapon – Hand Inventory
A14D670E7E010000 Ax Housecarl Weapon – Hand Inventory
F6BC7518B5010000 Ax Ivory Weapon – Hand Inventory
0F90B0E1C5010000 Bite Vorda Weapon – Hand Inventory
32C57518B5010000 Bone Sledgehammer Weapon – Hand Inventory
438FB0E1C5010000 Ax Lagertha Weapon – Hand Inventory
48C37518B5010000 Battle-Ax Weapon – Hand Inventory
6DD9C5EDC6010000 Pointed Stick Weapon – Hand Inventory
7590B0E1C5010000 Ax Hamming Weapon – Hand Inventory
92DB7718B5010000 Berdysh Ella Weapon – Hand Inventory
A98FB0E1C5010000 Grave Ax Weapon – Hand Inventory
B6CA7F1BB9010000 Lunar Light Of Weapon – Hand Inventory
B75C619FD7010000 Dwarven Ax Weapon – Hand Inventory
D0C97F1BB9010000 Skadi Blade Weapon – Hand Inventory
E2D86A77B6010000 Bite Bones Weapon – Hand Inventory
C13B6A8AB2010000 Without Weapons Weapon – Hand Inventory
0EC97518B5010000 Warrior Chain Weapon – Hand Inventory
1AC97518B5010000 Iron Star Weapon – Hand Inventory
25CB7F1BB9010000 Bite Witch Weapon – Hand Inventory
8DBF7E1BB9010000 Whirlwind Of Death Weapon – Hand Inventory
28DB7518B5010000 King Sword Weapon – Hand Inventory
A1AB7418B5010000 Scimitar Weapon – Hand Inventory
DD8EB0E1C5010000 Swordfish Weapon – Hand Inventory
63FB1163BE010000 Torch Weapon – Hand Inventory
0537301BC4010000 Mace Ohkvari Weapon – Hand Inventory
34CB7F1BB9010000 Ukonvasara Weapon – Hand Inventory
39CB7F1BB9010000 Mournful Cry Weapon – Hand Inventory
A0D07518B5010000 Forging Hammer Weapon – Hand Inventory
06386D81AC010000 Sachs Ynglings Weapon – Hand Inventory
34D67518B5010000 Hundtod Weapon – Hand Inventory
40D67518B5010000 Claw Suttung Weapon – Hand Inventory
52CB7F1BB9010000 Huldufolk Blade Weapon – Hand Inventory
57CB7F1BB9010000 Losalvov Blade Weapon – Hand Inventory
D40EB2E1C5010000 Drengilig Weapon – Hand Inventory
07017818B5010000 Svipul Weapon – Hand Inventory
09E67518B5010000 Spear Anentaks Weapon – Hand Inventory
4E0FB2E1C5010000 Spear Kadfarha Weapon – Hand Inventory
7ACB7F1BB9010000 Aredvar Weapon – Hand Inventory
DFCB7F1BB9010000 Peak Carolingian Weapon – Hand Inventory
EC532C024B010000 Torch Weapon – Hand Inventory
4AD77718B5010000 Hunnish Bow (Mythical Hunter Bow) Weapon – Ranged Inventory
24CD7F1BB9010000 Onions Dokkalvov Weapon – Ranged Inventory
2CB27E1BB9010000 Bow Hunting Magyar Weapon – Ranged Inventory
58CC7F1BB9010000 Onions Einherjar Weapon – Ranged Inventory
60B17E1BB9010000 The Whisper Of Death Weapon – Ranged Inventory
8ACD7F1BB9010000 Onions Rush Weapon – Ranged Inventory
92B27E1BB9010000 Onions Onakara Weapon – Ranged Inventory
BE0FB2E1C5010000 Onions Naudin Weapon – Ranged Inventory
BECC7F1BB9010000 Dragon Bow Weapon – Ranged Inventory
C6B17E1BB9010000 Bow Of Sagittarius Weapon – Ranged Inventory
18CE7F1BB9010000 Spartan Bow Weapon – Ranged Inventory
18DA6A77B6010000 Anger Skadi Weapon – Ranged Inventory
2F10B2E1C5010000 Onions Hundbeorta Weapon – Ranged Inventory
31BE7E1BB9010000 Iron Cloud Weapon – Ranged Inventory
9710B2E1C5010000 Scald Death Weapon – Ranged Inventory
CABD7E1BB9010000 Viper Bow Weapon – Ranged Inventory
12BF7E1BB9010000 Iglomet Weapon – Ranged Inventory
1311B2E1C5010000 Sun Label Weapon – Ranged Inventory
7A11B2E1C5010000 Accurate Shot Weapon – Ranged Inventory
89CE7F1BB9010000 Prick Shadows Weapon – Ranged Inventory
ACBE7E1BB9010000 Longbow Weapon – Ranged Inventory
D099E8CDBE010000 Recurve Bow Weapon – Ranged Inventory
E111B2E1C5010000 Onions Petra Weapon – Ranged Inventory
F9CE7F1BB9010000 Holmgaardsky Onions Weapon – Ranged Inventory


More Standard Codes To be Added!

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