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Dead Island 2 Save Set [All Trophies/Regions] PS4/PS5

Dead Island 2 Save Set [All Trophies/Regions] PS4/PS5

Dead Island 2 Platinum Trophy Save Set Guide (ALL REGIONS)

Original Save Set Credits: GamesterHub

Save Revision, Re-region & Guide Credits: XDG

ALL TROPHY SAVES (SET – 78 Saves) (US-CUSA01014/EU-CUSA27043/EU2-CUSA35681)


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Anger Management – Slay 50 zombies with Fury Attacks;

Press continue. Follow the objective. After the cutscene, you have to fight a bunch of zombies. Kill all but 1 zombie, return to the main menu and hit continue. Rinse & repeat until the trophy pops.

Bookworm: Collect 50 Journals;

Press continue. Complete the side objective and the trophy will pop.

Friends Like These – Encounter a mysterious… benefactor? Well, that’s what she’d call herself, anyway;

Press continue. Open the door. Skip the cutscene and the trophy will pop.

Git Gutte! – Join forces with Sam B and get your hands on some firepower

Press continue. Talk to Sam and skip the cutscene. The trophy will pop.

Personal Assistant Personally Assisted – Track down Michael and rescue him from the Terror at Monarch Studios;

Press continue. Go and talk to Michael in the caravan. Skip the cutscene and the trophy will pop.

Welcome to Hell-A  // I Got a Zombie Army & You Can’t Harm Me // Coup de Grace;

Continue with the objective, skip the cutscene, and ‘Hell-A’ will pop.

Once outside, execute a perfect block and a finisher kill for the remaining trophy

Hazardous Materials – Get 100 total kills with caustic, fire, or shock;

Press continue, and you will be on the “clickbait” side quest. Here you can farm the kills needed for this trophy. Run around while blocking and dodging zombies and let them walk into the fire until you get the trophy (about 10-20 zombie kills required)

Apex Predator – Knockdown 10 Apex Variants;

Press continue, move forward a bit, run and drop kick the zombie “Bursters” for the trophy. You have to do 3-6 times. Drop kick, quit, go back on and repeat this process.

Hotel California & Break a Leg – Fight through the Halperin Hotel to make contact with the authorities // Maim 100 limbs.

You are in front of the objective, the trophy will pop for “Hotel California” at the door. For “Break a Leg” you need to maim 9 more zombies.

Jumbo Keyring & This is My Weapon – Unlock 10 lockboxes // Fully upgrade a Superior weapon and customize it with a mod or perk in every slot.

Press continue. Go inside the house, open the lockbox in this house and the trophy will pop. Go to any workbench, upgrade, fill up mod & perks for the trophy.

Stacking the Deck & Dr.Reed, I Presume?

Collect 30 Skill Cards // Survive the many perils of Venice Beach and meet Dr. Reed at the Serling Hotel;

Press continue, finish this mission and both trophies will pop. Complete the “Kill Em All” objective for the “Stacking the Deck” trophy

Perks of the Job // Complete 5 Blueprint Challenges.

Press continue, use the map on the table to fast-travel to a location with enemies, strike any enemy with 2 heavy attacks and the trophy will pop.

Go, Bobcats! Rising Star & But Doctor, I Am Butcho

Reunite all the VCLA Bobcats // Complete 20 non-Story Quests // Slay a killer clown and get your blood sample back to Dr. Reed.

Press continue, speak to Dez to complete the side quest and after the dialogue “Go, Bobcats! & Rising Star will pop. Fast Travel to the main objective (sterling plaza) and talk to the doctor (skip cutscene) for the “But Doctor, I Am Butcho” trophy.

Ooh Shiny!

Press continue, and follow the objective for “Fool’s Gold”. The trophy will pop once you’ve picked up the weapon.

Humanity Distilled, Can’t Handle the Truth

Equip your first Numen Skill Card // Learn the truth about what you are as dark secrets are revealed

Press continue, Fight the boss & close to the end you will gain “Humanity Distilled” after transforming. Next, head to the mission objective & skip the cutscene for “Can’t Handle the Truth

Like Riding a Bike // Find Patton and convince him to fly you out of Hell-A

Press continue, follow the path to Emma & Sam then skip the cutscene to get the trophy


Zombologist // Unlock every zombie type in the Zompedia

Press continue and move ahead to discover the last zombie ‘vicious butcher’ Defeat it to get the trophy

Smorgasbord // Complete the first tier of every exploration challenge

Press continue, power up the train, kill em all, fast travel to Hollywood Blvd. and the trophy will pop

A Patton Emerges // Survive the Metro system and get to Hollywood Boulevard

Press continue, complete the objective and the trophy will pop

Our True Nature & Down with the Sickness

Give up your chance to be human again // Reach the highest tier of Autophage infection by equipping Autophage Skills

Press continue, follow the objective and ‘One true nature’ will pop after the cutscene. For “Down with the Sickness”, equip “Autophage” skills in the empty slots for the trophy to pop.

Sharpest Tool in the Box // Complete 5 Lost & Found Weapon Quests

Press continue, head to the back of the white SUV and collect the Legendary weapon to receive the trophy



Donk! // Throw a melee weapon and hit a zombie 35+ meters away

Press continue and follow the video guide:

Not Even My Final Form // Slay a Mutator before it transforms

Press continue, and you’ll spawn at a mutator hotspot. Move into the house quietly. You are searching for an immobile mutator. He will be medium-sized with his shirt off. He will be lying down or sitting up somewhere (its location is totally random) you have a fully leveled Peggy rifle equipped with high-damaging mods. You can also equip a curveball. You need to agro the mutator while it’s in walker form and kill it before it fully mutates. The trophy will pop once you got it. If you mess up, you can reload the save.

Zombicidal Maniac, Variety is the Spice of Death, Survival Skills & On Safari

Complete the first tier of every Combat Challenge // Complete the first tier of every Weapon Challenge // Complete the first tier of every Survivor Challenge // Complete the first tier of every Zombie Challenge

Press continue, You only have to do 1 in each category for the trophies. “Leech Removal” in Zombie Challenges, 9/10. “Batter Up!” in Weapon Challenges, 49/50. “Revival Act” in Survivor Challenges, 0/1. “Ninja” in Combat Challenges, 0/1

LA Influential, Gore Horse, Sole Survivor, Make it So, Internet Famous & Max Headroom

Complete 40 non-Story Quests // Help an artist to complete their greatest (and grisliest) piece of art // Complete 9 Lost & Found Missing Person Quests // Help Sarah and Sebastian light a beacon of hope // Complete Amanda’s Clickbait quests // Reach level 30

Press continue, track the quest “[REDACTED]” and complete it for the “LA Influential” trophy.

For “Gore Horse”, travel to Beverly Hills and do the final quest “Body Art: The Unveiling” and the trophy will pop.

Travel to “Hollywood Boulevard” and do the “Going Viral” quest for the “Internet Famous” trophy.

After that, track the quest “Missing: Rainier” and unlock the door as the final objective for the trophy “Sole Survivor”.

From here, go to the fast travel area to talk to “Sebastian” and complete the quest “Beacon of Hope” for the “Make it So” trophy. You will also pop the “Max Headroom” organically while following this trophy set.

Making Your Mark // Complete 10 non-Story Quests

Press continue, pick up 10 infected flesh and give it to Francesca to get the trophy

Slayer Squad & I am the Resurrection // Complete any 5 quests in co-op // Revive other Slayers 5 times

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