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  • Borderlands 3

    The highly anticipated looter-shooter and 4th main title in the series is HERE! Save Wizard Cheats are also available now! As of 4/22/20, there has been no sign of a Gibbed Editor and Save Wizard has decided NOT to make the Advanced Mode Available. There might be something floating around though…STAY TUNED!
  • Grand Theft Auto V (Online)

    Possibly the greatest game of the decade? Released in 2013 it’s still killing almost 7 years later with 50k+ daily players! Check out the most exclusive modded content here on XDG Mods!
  • Final Fantasy 7 Remake

    Developed and published by Square Enix. The game is a remake of the classic 1997 PlayStation game. Final Fantasy 7 ‘Remake’ is a lie. It is not ‘Remade’ Instead, it is reimagined. Due to the Corona Virus Pandemic and the delay of The Last of Us 2, expect this title to take GOTY 2020 comfortably. […]
  • The Last of Us 2

    Pretty much GOTY 2020…and it’s not even CLOSE. First slated for a February release, it has been pushed back to May which is testament to the time that has to be taken to make this the masterpiece it’s supposed to be.
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