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Death Stranding Codes (Save Wizard Quick Code)

Death Stranding Codes – PS4 Save Wizard Max (Custom Quick Codes)

Death Stranding Quick Codes custom made by PS4 Save Wizard Max Community modders are not endorsed by Save Wizard. Please use the codes at your own discretion!


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Codes by Derwangler

Max Chiral bandwidth


May not work for everyone. If you end up with negative max bandwidth, you should still be able to build things – you may at some point end up with 0 or a tiny amount of bandwidth when you level up any location. Your bandwidth will change dramatically any time you do so. Quick code may break your save completely.


80010004 C1CA4F9B
0800000A 0000007F
0800000D 0000007F
48000012 0000007F
40070005 00000000
08000033 0000007F
08000038 0000007F
0800003B 0000007F
48000040 0000007F
40080005 00000000
08000066 0000007F
4800006B 0000007F
40090005 00000000
48000096 0000007F
40020003 00000000
4800009E 0000007F
40040005 00000000
080000B0 0000007F
480000B5 0000007F
40050005 00000000


Birth of a Legend/Growth of a legend trophy quick code (Complete any delivery after applying)

Note: This will mess with your order completion stats

80010004 9B21C18E
4A0005D1 00000050
400A0004 00000000

Max Porter Grade (Complete any delivery to get all the upgrades etc, does not affect likes)

80010004 9B21C18E
A8000011 00000028
FFE30B54 02000000
FFE30B54 02000000
FFE30B54 02000000
FFE30B54 02000000
FFE30B54 02000000


First time adding quick code? Full tutorial here.


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