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How to Add Quick Code On Save Wizard

How to Add Quick Code On Save Wizard

What up Guys!

Another easy tutorial on how to add Quick Code on the Save Wizard.

You can check out the full Save Wizard installation guide here.

Step 1. Make Sure Your USB is Plugged Into Your PC with Your Game Save on it

Once your game save is on the USB, it’ll show up in the Save Wizard UI automatically when you plug it into your PC.


Step 2. Double-Click on the Game, Right Click on the Dropdown then Select Quick Mode

N.B If advanced mode is not supported, Quick Code cannot be added.



Step 3. Right-Click Anywhere on the Quick Mode UI and Select ‘Add Cheat’


Step 4. Enter a Description and Copy & Paste Your Quick Code Into the Relevant Field

If you did it right, The Quick Code Should be Listed at the Bottom in Blue!

Check Out The YouTube Tutorial If You Have any Issues!

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