Grim Reaper Trophy Hack (Save Wizard for PS4 Max)

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Grim Reaper Trophy Hack (Save Wizard for PS4 Max)

Grim Reaper Trophy Hack (Save Wizard for PS4 Max)

 The Easiest Way to get the Grim Reaper Trophy (Resident Evil 2 Remake)

Grim Reaper Trophy

Having problems with the Grim Reaper trophy in Resident Evil 2 the Remake?

This is the blog post for YOU!

If you are a platinum chaser and you don’t have time to grind the Hunk Episode “4th Survivor” you might want to take a look at this easy method to obtain the Grim Reaper Trophy.

Fair Warning – You will need a piece of Software called the Save Wizard for PS4 Max in order to make this work.

Now that you have in your possession the greatest PS4 Save Editor of all time, you’ll need to resign a save to your PSN ID.

You can find a Save Wizard resign tutorial HERE.

US & EU Saves (Free Download)

This will work for both US and EU versions of the game.

Download US Version here

Download EU Version here


After you download and re-sign the file, transfer it to your PS4 Console.

Start the game and load the modded game save from the menu.

When the game loads you should spawn right in the middle of RPD headquarters.

Make your way to the door and continue the run. You’ll notice you don’t have any weapons or ammo but don’t worry, you’ll be in ‘Invisible God Mode’ (Enemies can sense you but they can’t see you)

Make your way all the way to the final gate and you’ll get an infinite loading black screen. At this point, the trophy should pop.

And that’s all there is to it! Easy Peasy!

You can check out the YouTube tutorial below (with re-sign steps)

Thanks for reading! Make sure you bookmark this blog for the most exclusive PS4 Save mods!

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