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Borderlands 3

Borderlands 3 Free Giveaway! (PS4/PS4 Pro)

Borderlands 3 Free Giveaway!

Below is the entry link for the Borderlands 3, XDG Nation giveaway!

1 lucky winner will receive a FREE COPY of Borderlands 3!

Competition is open to EVERYONE!

There is 1 mandatory method of entry. Just VISIT the XDG Youtube channel (You do not have to subscribe!)

All other methods of entry are optional but increase your chances of winning!



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14 thoughts to “Borderlands 3 Free Giveaway! (PS4/PS4 Pro)”

  1. Started with Borderlands 2 and my cousins and I stay playing it everyday till there was nothing to do anymore. Best game ive played, never regret it, cant wait for the 3rd one!!!

  2. I’d love to get the game, sucks i can’t pre-order it myself, legit. i want ps4 and am getting one tomorrow, my pay comes in every 2 weeks and am getting a pre-order of Code Vein too the 2 weeks after getting the ps4. Didn’t know I wanted a ps4 till a week after I spent all my money on other things I wanted. I’m f**ked and would still be happy to add you once i get my ps4 and psn acc.

    If it’s not already used i’ll have the psn name Tigerbunny, its also my Discord name Tigerbunny#8740.

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