Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty – Save Wizards Next Conquest?

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Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty – Save Wizards Next Conquest?

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty – Save Wizards Next Conquest?

Wo Long: Fallen Fallen Dynasty & Save Wizard (Important Info)


Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is almost upon us!


With the release date of March 3rd ( PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Windows, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S ) and a  new demo dropping today ( February 24th ), the proverbial “Nioh 3” comes with a slew of customization options and technical polish building upon its predecessor in many aspects.


The game’s combat mechanics focus on deflecting attacks or dodging to create opportunities for counterattacks. The game’s Morale rank system adds another layer of depth to the combat, and players can earn valuable loot by taking down more challenging enemies.

The Save Wizard for PS4 Max allowed players in Nioh 1 & 2 to enhance their gaming experience by unlocking various features and upgrades very early in the game. In the case of Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, using the Save Wizard for PS4 Max should also give players a huge advantage in combat while saving time when unlocking new abilities and perks.


Will Save Wizard have support for this game?

Of course, there’s no official word from the Save Wizard team about any plans for the game, but judging from the history of Save Wizard supporting AAA titles in the past ( such as the Nioh Franchise, Sekiro & others ), we predict a 90-95% probability of support within a 7 – 30 day window.


Will there be Cross-Save Support & Advanced Mode?


Based on the above photo from the Team-Ninja website, cross-save support will be available via cloud servers. This means you can start your playthrough on the PS5 version, convert back to PS4, mod your game data using Save Wizard, then transfer back to PS5! The PERFECT situation for the Save Wizard aficionado! (60 FPS Here We Come!)


The likelihood of Advanced Mode support remains to be seen, as there is an online component to the game, which reduces the chance of Advanced Mode being actually supported, but it is still very possible.

What do you think of Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty? Have you pre-ordered, and will you be playing the new demo today?

Let us know your thoughts below!

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