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Top 10 Street Fighter 6 Outfit Mods [PC]

Top 10 Street Fighter 6 Outfit Mods [PC]

Sizzling Style: Top 10 Sexy Outfit Mods to Heat Up Street Fighter 6 (PC)

Today, we’ll explore the top 10 spicy outfit PC mods that add a touch of flair and sizzle to your Street Fighter 6 gaming experience. From revealing costumes to unique and eye-catching designs, these mods are sure to turn heads. Get ready to spice up your Street Fighter 6 gameplay with these exciting outfit mods! (PC Only)


#10 – Cammy Swimsuit With Jacket (THEJAMK)

Simple Cammy swimsuit with jacket.

#9 – Chun Li DNF Dress (Nobrandburger)

Elolquent custom-made fit for Chun Li. Available in both black & white.

#8 – Cammy ‘Calvin Klein’ Mod (Nobrandburger)

Cammy in “Calvin Klein-styled” Street Fighter underwear.

#7 – Juri “SF5 Concept Art Mod” (DevolasRevenge)

Simple yet amazing Yuri outfit from SF5.

#6 – Chun Li ‘Sweater’ Mod (Haise Sasaki)

There can be a few interpretations of ‘sweater’ here. This outfit goes HARD.

chun li sweater outfit


#5 – Chun Li ‘Battle Costume/Barefoot’ Mod (Haise Sasaki)

What can we say? Chun Li pretty much looks great in everything.


#4 – ‘Camel Toe Chun Li’ Mod (Noujin)

One for the feet lovers 😁

#3 – Juri “Salmon Roe” Bikini (PerfectDark023)

Juri in Spicy Bikini with Salmon Roe design.


#2 – Cammy ‘Micro Bikini’ Mod (Nobrandburger)

Cammy in a micro bikini might be a bit too much for most!

#1 – Chun Li ‘Micro Bikini’ Mod (Nobrandburger)

Coming in at #1 is none other than Chun-Li! So Nice we did it THRICE!


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