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The Last of Us 2 Save Wizard Cheats Now LIVE!

The Last of Us 2 Save Wizard Cheats Released!

The Last of Us 2 Save Wizard Cheats are HERE!

This time, the wizardry was unleashed in less than 4 days!

The process was completed quickly due to the games save structure which is similar to that of the first Last of Us.

Thanks to everyone who submitted game saves to the team via the game request form!

There are 29  standard cheats available for The Last of Us 2 using either the AUTO or MANUAL saves.


The game has hard-coded limits on ammo which means it is not possible to exceed the max limit on each weapon. (In-game limits ONLY)


N.B. The Save File System starts from 00 – 15 on the Save Wizard UI. (Save #1 = SAVEFILE00, Save #2 = SAVEFILE01 and so on.  The Auto-Save is ‘SAVEFILE0A’



  1. Max Supplements
  2. Max Scrap

Refill Ammo

  • Bolt-Action Rifle – Ellie
  • Bow/Arrows – Ellie
  • Bow/Explosive Arrows – Ellie
  • Crossbow/Arrows – Abby
  • Flamethrower/Gas – Abby
  • Hunting Pistol – Abby
  • Pump Shotgun – Ellie
  • Semi-Auto Pistol/Military Pistol – Ellie/Abby
  • Semi-Auto Rifle – Abby
  • Silenced Submachine Gun – Ellie
  • Shotgun/Incendiary Shells – Abby
  • Shotgun/Shells – Abby

Refill Current Materials (Must Have at least 1 on inventory)

  1. Alcohol
  2. Binding
  3. Blade
  4. Container
  5. Explosive
  6. Rags

Refill Consumables

  1. Health Kit – Ellie/Abby
  2. Molotovs – Ellie
  3. Smoke Bombs – Ellie
  4. Trap Mine – Ellie



The Last of Us 2 Save Wizard Cheat Table


The ‘Infinite Silencer’ Code in BLUE is custom quick code that can be found here.


Advanced Mode Open!


Great news! The advanced mode is open in The Last of Us 2!


Cheat Breakdown Video:

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