Save Casino Duffle Bags! GTA Online (Modded Outfit Tutorial)

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Save Casino Duffle Bags! GTA Online (Modded Outfit Tutorial)

Save Casino Duffle Bags! GTA Online (Modded Outfit Tutorial)

How to Get and Save Casino Duffle Bags with Modded Outfits


How to get and save Casino Duffle Bags (Casino Heist Update 1.50)

First, you need to get the Duffle Bags.

There are various ways to actually get them but I assume you want the easiest and most effective way to do so.

The best way to get the Casino Update (1.50) Duffle Bags is to sign into Rockstar Social Club and bookmarking the below jobs for the colors you want.

Requirements: Earpiece (Obtain from Gun store)



After you’ve bookmarked the color you want, you need to start the job and save the duffle bag.

Step. 1

Press Options/Online/Jobs/Bookmarked/Last Team Standing and you should see your bookmarked jobs to the right.

Step 2.

Start the game with a friend. In most cases, host gets the closed Duffle bag and P2 gets the open one.

Step 3.

You will load into the game with the duffle bag automatically! Now to save it. Bring up the Interaction menu press Style/Accessories/Gear then hit left on the D-Pad (make sure you have an earpiece from the gun store)


Step 4.

Quit the job via phone.

Step 5.

Now that you have the duffle bag equipped online, you want to save it on your outfit of choice. This is where it gets complicated if the outfit is PED-Type or has head-gear on it. We’re simply going to save the duffle bag on a save slot with any of your ouftits. (It doesn’t have to be on the one you want yet)

Duffle Bag Save Method

The only way to save Outfits with Duffle bags on them is to land from parachuting in front of the mask shop then spamming right on the D-pad to initiate the save. It will take some practice but you’ll hit it after a few tries. You can use an Oppressor MK-2 or a Buzzard. Click here for a full tutorial.

Step 6.

Once you have the duffle bag saved you are going to transfer it using the pool/jacuzzi method. For the purposes of this tutorial we’ll use the Jacuzzi at the Casino Penthouse. Equip the outfit you want to put the duffle bag on then walk into the Jacuzzi. You should be in bathing trunks. Next, change to the outfit you saved with the duffle bag and walk out. BOOM the duffle bag will be transferred.


Step 7.

Simply repeat Step 5 and save the outfit again and that’s it!

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