PSN Update 7.50 Now Compatible With Save Wizard!

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PSN Update 7.50 Now Compatible With Save Wizard!

PSN Update 7.50 Now Compatible With Save Wizard!

Save Wizard Fully Compatible With Sony Update v7.50


It has been a TENSE 48 hours since PSN update 7.50 was released in the midst of the server lag issues plaguing the Save Wizard.

As usual with a major update like this, panic ensued among the  Save Wizard community as they discovered saves made on the new software would be incompatible.

It seems a lot of people have bought the software but have not done due diligence on how the software actually works or what they can expect when using the software.

That’s where we come in.

At xdgmods, we bring you the latest updates, news, tips, tricks and video guides in regard to Save Wizard and the newest game releases.

You can check out the XDG Nation YouTube Community for regular updates on everything Save Wizard.

With that being said, the software is now FULLY compatible with update 7.50 but users may still experience lag issues.

In their cheeky ‘Save Wizard’ fashion they tweeted:

“In order not to upset anyone and potentially ruin their lives (and because there’s nothing major going off in the world at the moment), we’ve decided not to announce System Software 7.50 now works with Save Wizard for PS4 MAX.”


During my personal testing, it was found that using a VPN could help with server lag issues.


Recommendations & Reminders

  • Turn off auto-updates on your PS4
  • Always wait for confirmation before updating your console
  • You can use older saves if new saves made under new software updates don’t work
  • Always back up vanilla saves to a separate folder on your PC

We are testing compatibility on the game of the moment, Final Fantasy 7 Remake.

Watch the YouTube confirmation video below!

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