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step 1.

Download and install UE4SS_Xinput_v2.5.2 & Character Remake Mod

Use the ‘original link’ option if there is a newer version.

#1:Download & INSTALL

ue4ss_xinput & the character Remake Mod

step 2.

Create a mods folder (if you don't have One)

File Location: SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Palworld\Pal\Binaries\Win64\mods

Drag the contents of the Remake Character Mod & UESS Folder into the mods folder.

Drag the 4 files found in the USS4E Folder Here:



#2:create mods folder

Drag and drop files to their respective locations (Mods folder/Win64 Folder)

step 3.

Start the game & Activate Character Editor

Start the game and select the character you want to edit. Once the character is loaded press ‘CTRL+K’ to activate the editor. If this fails, try opening the inventory & pressing ‘Ctrl+K’. Edit the Character as desired.


#3:start game & hit 'ctrl+k'

Hitting CTRL+K should immediately proc the editor.

step 4.

Wait On the loading screen for the 'Autosave/Saving' notification

Once you have confirmed your character you’ll be on a BSOD loading screen. Wait then look at the top right for the ‘Saving’ notification. Once you see this hit ‘Alt+F4’ to close the game.


#4:wait for saving notification

Then hit Alt+ F4 to close the game.

step 5.

DELETE The 'Character Remake Mod' from the mods folder

Delete the CRM mod from the mods folder once you’re done to prevent accidentally entering the interface while playing.


#5:delete crm from mods folder

Delete the mod before restarting and enjoy your edited character!

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