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Monster Hunter World Save Wizard Iceborne Cheats Now LIVE

MHW Iceborne Save Wizard Cheats LIVE!

Monster Hunter World Save Wizard cheats are LIVE!

If you haven’t already, pick up the Save Wizard here.

New to Save Wizard? Check out the installation tutorial here.

You must AUTO-SORT in-game before using the cheats below:

The team also posted these photos to their Facebook Fan Page showing multiple Master Rank Armor already unlocked!!

Monster Hunter World Save Wizard

They also state in another post,

“Measures were introduced to prevent modification of the save and the format itself was changed slightly. Our priority was to deal with that and to make sure the existing cheats worked. This wasn’t a 5-minute job, it took us some time to get it working.

Now that is done, we are working on adding the new items etc of which there is around 1200. This is not a fast process and will take us a few days.

As for the existing cheats:

1) Before using ANY cheats from the STORAGE BOX group, you MUST (and yes, you HAVE to do this) AUTO-SORT the items, etc. Again, there is a note to say this! If you do NOT do this, strange things happen.

2) The existing cheats do NOT contain new items etc that are related to Iceborne. If you have new items etc and use the HAVE ALL cheats, it will remove everything and replace with the base pre-2.00 set (as the note says right next to it…).

3) If you are happy with your current items etc, you can use the “SET AMOUNT TO” cheats to give yourself more. Remember, sometimes less is more and if you need more, just use the cheat again.

Activate Material Cheat Workaround

You might experience a slight problem when using the Activate Material Cheat which may cause issues with pets (resulting in a negative number of them). If this happens to you, restore your save and avoid using the cheat!

We’ll try to keep you posted on everything Monster Hunter and Save Wizard in due course.

Happy Hunting!

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