FYI – PSN Firmware Update 6.72 and Save Wizard

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FYI – PSN Firmware Update 6.72 and Save Wizard

FYI – PSN Firmware Update 6.72 and Save Wizard

PS4 Firmware Update 6.72 Now Available and Compatible With The Save Wizard


Just another random update you don’t have to worry about.


So, Is PSN Firmware 6.72 Compatible With Save Wizard? Great news for all you Save Wizard users out there: Sony just released update v6.72 for PlayStation 4 and it is FULLY compatible with the Save Wizard. That’s right, you can update your system software to get your PS4 console bang up to date and still enjoy your Save Wizard modifications!


If you’re looking for some incentive to play the PSN plus free games, you’ll be pleased to note both of the games for the month of July, Detroit Become Human and Horizon Chase Turbo are both supported in the PSN Firmware Update 6.72 Save Wizard!


So, what does this latest PSN update have in store for us all? Could this optional update contain some useful new features? (for a change) Sometimes small updates are released to prepare your PS4 for something bigger. Is that the case here? What in the world does this darn firmware do, exactly? Let’s not delay with the answer — here are the patch notes in full:


This system software update improves system performance.


Amazing! Yet another update that improves the performance of our consoles! It’s approximately 464MB in size, so it’s super easy to download the PSN Firmware 6.72 compatible With Save Wizard.


Always remember, the Save Wizard will auto-update the software via their server so there’s absolutely nothing you must do. Check out the proof video of PSN 6.72 working with the Save Wizard and Bloodborne. (Live Test) (PSN Firmware Update 6.72 Save Wizard)


Do you have auto-updates turned off on your console? Or do you ‘YOLO’ and update your console as soon as it’s available? Sound off in the comment section below!

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5 thoughts on “FYI – PSN Firmware Update 6.72 and Save Wizard

  1. I’m trying to play the Sekiro game with the SaveWizard mods. My version of the game is 1.04. Now, every time try to load my game after I’ve modded my saved game, I get the message that the save file is corrupt. I am using only the top most modes for the game. I did not select of the Key Items mods. Same response. Any suggestions? Is this a function of the newest 1.04 version of the game? My PS4 Pro system update is the latest 6.72. Apparently, this corrupt save game message is not because of the PS4 Pro system update?

    1. Hey Dale. The error message you’re getting may be related to the save file you’re using. Make a save at an alternate location and try again.

      1. Apparently, this was due not to the location of the character when I saved, but the items selected in SaveWizard when I modified the saved file. I turned off all the items, and then the modified save file opened. I left on the “power” mods. This meant I could carry on with the game. However, I next noticed an unusual save glitch. After playing through a while, and saving at the next few portal sites a few times, I had to take a break from the game. When I again fired up the game later and tried to either Load the last saved game, or the Continue option, the ONLY game I could load or continue was the very first portal save site — way, way back in the earlier part of the game. When I tried to Load the game, I could see the last named saved game, but the game that actually loaded was NOT this latest saved game. The game that actually loaded was the first saved game way, way back in the earlier part of the game. This earlier save game had the latest save game date, but it did NOT load. I had to again play through about an hour of play to get back to where I had last made all the progress. I thought I was going to have to just keep the game loaded in the background, while I changed my TV input. I thought I was going to have to keep the game on and running in the background. However, the game’s inherent combat difficulty did me in — even with the SaveWizard mods. I viewed a few YouTube videos of other gamers experiencing this same excruciating combat difficulty, and realized that even with the SaveWizard mods I was never, ever going to be able to get through this game’s nonsensical, unnecessary, extremely difficult combat challenges that force a player to be precise with split second button mashing. From one miniboss or boss to another. I wasted over an hour watching other gamers try and fail, over and over and over, to get past one of these difficult combat scenarios. I could not imagine going through all this unnecessary frustration and irritation to get through the entire game. This is an excellent example of a game that absolutely NEEDS a God mode. I’m one of those older gamers who believe that cheats sell games. I really miss the “old” days when we also had God mode cheats. I sure wish SaveWizard could figure out how to create a SaveWizard mod that includes a God mode. I bet less than 5% of the gamers who wasted their money on this game will get through the game to the end.

          1. Yes. I turned on the Maxhealth. The trouble with this particular game is the requirement to get good with split second controller button commands. To evade. To counter. To attack. etc. Just a split second late and the enemy AI will kill you with just ONE swipe. The mini boss and boss battles end up being a testy trial of all the required button pressing over the time required to finally end the AI enemy character. The programmers did this serious control coding on purpose to make this game and all the others, so seriously difficult as to set a precedent with their brand that they were explicitly trying to do. I have way, way too many other things to do than work for an hour trying to finally defeat the more difficult bosses. Even watching the video of play by serious, highly skilled and highly experienced gamers with a lot of time invested in these branded games, I noticed that even these serious finger twitch professionals died. A lot.

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