How to make PED Outfits and Save them Online (GTA V) *PATCHED*

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How to make PED Outfits and Save them Online (GTA V) *PATCHED*

How to make PED Outfits and Save them Online (GTA V) *PATCHED*

How to Create PED Outfits From Scratch (Comprehensive Tutorial)

This method has been patched as of update 1.50 (12/12/19)



This might be our biggest tutorial yet!

This guide will show you how to create PED-type outfits from scratch so you can save them online.

A ‘PED’ outfit can be described as an elite, merged outfit comprising of a bodysuit, armor or rare accessories and components.

The term ‘PED’ comes from the PED Editor in the GTA Save Editor where the latest components in GTA Online can be found.

Unfortunately, there is no public method to transfer and save PED outfits online.

For more information on PED outfits and PED editor, you can read this blog.

Instead of transferring the outfit straight from the PED editor to the game, you will learn to make them from scratch using multiple combo transfer methods.

You will also need:

Step 1. Create ‘TS’ & ‘FS’ Outfits in GTA Save Editor

Select the XDGPEDM (or F) and start to build the outfit that you want.  Use shortlist actor 1 & 2. You will notice the torso 2 in each SLA has a ‘Track Suit’ (TS) (SLA 1) and a ‘Flight Suit’ (FS) (SLA 2) 

(Shortlist Actor 1)

(Shortlist Actor 2)

Step 2. Use Save Wizard to Transfer Modded Data to Your Game Save (**Optional: You can Use the GameData file for the outfit in this tutorial if you want to practice but it must be re-signed with Save Wizard)

CLOSE the actor editor and Save the Outfits! (IMPORTANT)

You’ll be transferring 2 modded files for convenience. In this example, the top file (SAVEDATASGTA50000) is the Frozen Money Save and (SAVEDATASGTA50001) is the modded save with the TS/FS outfits you created in step one. Again, you can download the save files using the link above or use your own.

Select ‘Advanced Mode’

Import the modded save data you made in step 1. (If this is your first time you also need to import the Frozen Money data)

The apply button will be greyed out. Hit 0 on your keyboard and you’ll get a pop-up. Close it and then click apply.

Step 3. Load the Frozen Money Save and initiate ‘BEFF’ Mode, then Merge the Paramedic/Cop Belt to Racing Gloves

Initiate ‘BEFF’ Mode (After Patricia eats the Peyote Plant and You Start the Online Invite Only session to freeze your money) If this is your first time, read this blog to find out what you need to do.

In BEFF mode Merge the Belt to the Racing Gloves of Choice

Go to Tops > Racing Jerseys and Select the Jersey with the Gloves you need. (The Gloves should not appear on the Racing Jersey)

To get the gloves to appear, go to Accessories > Gloves > Motocross gloves. (The gloves for the corresponding jersey you are wearing will show)

Save the Outfit in SLOT #20

Take the easy way out, force a cloud save, then close the application

Equip an earpice or parachute to force the cloud save.


Step 4. Load Modded Outfit Save and Bring SLA #1 & 2  (TS/FS) Online

This save is modified to facilitate the Bird Skip Method. If you don’t know how to do the bird skip, read this blog

**Remember to equip your outfit with the IAA badge before moving on!!** (Optional)

Start Time Trial

Leave GTA Online via the options menu

Merge the IAA Badge to the TS Outfit and Bring it online using the Bird Skip Method. To merge the badge go to Actors > Online Characters, select Shortlist Actor and the badge will automatically merge onto the modded outfit

Step 5. After bringing each outfit online, start crooked cop and merge the belt and gloves to the outfit

As soon as you spawn online, immediately start Crooked Cop (Time-sensitive)

Make sure you select ‘Player Owned’ clothing and on the ready-up screen go left, then right on the d-pad.


Step 6. Get the bodysuit/top you want and save it in slot 20

Step 7. Equip TS outfit, equip a Scarf then Join Community Session

While on this screen go to Step 8.

Step 8. Sign in on Console 2, Switch to Flight Suit Outfit, Wait for Cloud Save Go back to Story Mode via the Character Select Wheel, Close Application then logout.

Sign into console 2 as soon as you see the Rockstar Ad.

Step 9. Log Back in on C1 and Start GTA Online

Step 10. You will see a RS Ad as soon as you start GTA V. Hit the PSN button and Join a Random Session. You will be Stuck in the Clouds for 2-3 minutes then get a ‘timed-out’ message. Wait until the screen flashes and ‘double-tap’ join session 1 – 3 times. This should bounce you into an online session.

You should be stuck on this screen for about 2-3 mins…

Step 10. Equip the ‘TS’ outfit to restore your IAA Badge, wait for cloud save. Go to SM via character wheel then  close and restart the application

Step 11. Start GTA V and load into Story Mode. On console 2, start up crooked cop and send an invite to console 1  in Story Mode

Step 12. Merge the outfit and save it

Make sure host has set clothing to ‘Player Owned’ (C2)_

Move left once and right once on the D-pad to merge the Tron and you did it!

Save the outfit using the earpiece then exit via phone!

That’s it! Congrats if you pulled it off on your first attempt! Check out the YouTube video below to see how the mask, gloves and helmet are merged!

Thanks for reading and see you next time!


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