How Hackers are Ruining Among Us (Exact Method)

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How Hackers are Ruining Among Us (Exact Method)

How Hackers are Ruining Among Us (Exact Method)

How Among Us Cheaters Are Actually Hacking The Game


So by now, you should have heard of Among Us.

It’s basically a 2-year-old game recently revitalized by streamers which has subsequently blown up.

Published by American game studio InnerSloth, it was released on June 15, 2018.

In the game, players team up to do routine maintenance on a spaceship but some of the players are secretly sabotaging it. (There is an imposter among us)


How They’re Doing It

The cheating process involves disabling your antivirus to install a .exe file to your computer.

After the program is installed & opened you select the option which auto-injects a PID, then you run the game.


Active Cheats

(Universal/Impostor) Cheats for the game Include:

  • Wallhacking (No Clip)
  • See Impostors
  • See Ghosts & Ghost Chat
  • Infinite Vision
  • Chat Cooldown Bypass
  • Time Ban Bypass
  • Enable Tasks
  • Kill Other Impostors
  • Kill Cooldown Bypass
  • Sabotage Doors Cooldown Bypass
  • Increase/Decrease Speed

As the host you have the ability to select your role:

  • Rainbow Hack
  • Character & Length Bypass
  • Auto-Impostor
  • Player Movement Bypass
  • Kick Vote Bypass



Based on the simple ‘just for fun’ nature of the game, it’s hard to comprehend why anyone would want to run this trainer in an online lobby.

Cheating online in Multiplayer or PvP for competitive advantage is frowned upon and can get you banned for life depending on the game.

Here at Xdgmods, we support having fun and exploring modding options in offline games ONLY.

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Happy gaming!

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