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GTA Trilogy: Now On Save Wizard!

GTA Trilogy: Now On Save Wizard!

GTA Trilogy Receives Save Wizard Support!

It’s OFFICIAL! The GTA Remastered Trilogy is now supported by Save Wizard!

The game was released on the PS4 & PS5, November 11th, and Save Wizard support was provided on December 10th!

Thanks to everyone who submitted game saves via the Game Request Form!


Quick Mode

There are 4568 Quick Mode options in GTA Trilogy! 😮🤯

Game & Console Save Structure


The game generates 2 types of save files which are stored on the console. The profile save will not be recognized by Save Wizard as there are no profile-related/system cheats.




The Game generates multiple game data slots. Use these saves for transfer to your PC/SaveWizard

Cheat Synopsis

These codes will allow you to achieve Trainer-like mods such as God mode, Infinite/ammo, no reload have any weapon, any car and much more! Using the codes will not affect trophies



PS4 – PS5 Cross-Save Support

Unfortunately, PS4 – PS5 cross-save support is not available in The GTA Trilogy Remastered

Advanced Mode Open!

Advanced mode is open in the game which allows for the possibility of Quick Codes or Advanced mode edits.


YouTube Tutorial Video:

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