GTA Save Editor Tutorial *Space X Outfit* (Update) 1.50

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GTA Save Editor Tutorial *Space X Outfit* (Update) 1.50

GTA Save Editor Tutorial *Space X Outfit* (Update) 1.50

GTA Save Editor Tutorial (Update 1.50)


Welcome to the updated GTA Save Editor Tutorial!

This tutorial works after update 1.50 (Casino Heist Update)


We’ll be making an exclusive Space Ranger Outfit called the ‘Space X 2020’

gta save editor update

Before we start, you’ll need 2 pieces of Software and the following files to make this outfit.

  1. The Save Wizard for PS4 Max (PC/Mac)
  2. The GTA Save Editor Installer (PC Only)
  3. Space X Outfit (FULL Save) *Can Be Resigned/Re-Regioned(US)
  4. Decrypted Data File (Bird Skip) *Import Using GTA Save Editor (Base Outfit in Shortlist Actor 1)

If you’re new to the Save Wizard, check out the installation tutorial here:

If you already have the Save Wizard here’s a link to more than 30 free outfits!

Let’s jump right into the tutorial!



You’ll need to install the program shown below to get started. Don’t forget to use the free download link above!


Click GTA V


Select ‘Open File’

Use the download provided above if you want to alter the outfit in any way. If not, just use Save Wizard to transfer the modded data to your save (#4)

Open the modded data file shown below (Download #4)



Hit the shirt Icon to review the outfit.


*FYI* As at 1/1/2020, the Stocking Mask is still being used to transfer outfits.


GTA Save Editor Tutorial Update 1.50

To transfer the modded file to your game save, follow from Step 2 of the original tutorial.


Once you’ve overwritten your game save with the modded data, it’s time to go back to your PS4 and transfer your file back to your console.

Start up GTA and load the modded file from the options menu


You should now load in as Franklin. Start an invite-only Session.


You can continue to follow the tutorial using the YouTube video below.




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