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Frozen Money Bird Skip UPDATE (GTA Online) *PATCHED 1.58

Frozen Money Bird Skip UPDATE (GTA Online) *PATCHED 1.58

Frozen Money ‘Bird Skip’ Method (GTA Online)

*Frozen Money has BEEN PATCHED 1.58 (12/15/2021)



Fully WORKING + TESTED Frozen Money Glitch – No ‘Bird Wasted’ method!!



Save Wizard for PS4 Max


Modded GTA5 SAVE


Download the save data file to your computer in an easy to find location like your desktop.

If you are New to Save Wizard, check out the installation and setup guide here.


Shoutout ORIGINAL Founders:






Step. 1 – Transfer Your Personal GTA Save to PC via USB

You’ll need a GTA Save from your PS4. Insert your USB drive, navigate to Settings > Application Saved Data Management > Copy to USB Storage Device > GTA 5.

There are a few files here but you need any file that you made using your mobile phone in Story Mode. (Manual Save) Copy this Save over to your USB drive.



Step. 2 – Rewrite your Save Data using Modded Save (SGTA5Peyote FM) with Save Wizard

Once your save is recognized under the cheats tab in Save Wizard, double click on the game and right-click on the dropdown and select ‘Advanced Mode’. This is where you will overwrite your current save data with the one you downloaded.


If you don’t see your save show up on the Save Wizard UI, go back into your game and make the save again, this time using a different slot.

After the Advanced mode window opens, click the last icon in the list to the top right to import the modded save file which should be saved on your computer.

After you select the file, the values (all the weird numbers and digits) will change.


Next, make sure the ‘0’ (zero) in the top left corner is highlighted and flashing then hit ‘0’ (zero) on your keyboard, then ‘continue’ on the warning message.

Hit apply and wait for the process to be completed. After that, transfer your modded save back to the PS4 (Settings > Saved Data in USB Storage > Copy to System Storage) to end this step.



Step. 3 – Load into Story Mode, Change Targeting to ‘Free Aim’

Once your game loads you should be at the EXACT screen below! If you are not, you need to open the options tab and load your modded save from GAME > LOAD GAME or else the glitch will not work. For the bird skip, make sure you change your targeting mode to ‘Free Aim’. (IMPORTANT)




Step. 4 – Start a GTA Online ‘Solo Session’ using the Options menu


Step. 5 – Switch to Micheal using the Character Wheel & Take Control of Patricia Madrazo

As soon as you spawn online, use the character wheel to select Micheal. You will spawn in the below area as Patricia Madrazo, who will quickly glitch to Franklin’s character. Here, we spawned in the water but it’s also possible that you might spawn on land. Wherever you end up, you need to walk or swim forward a few meters, look around and Patricia should be hanging out somewhere close.

Walk up to her and you’ll initiate a dialogue. (Patricia is actually Michael glitched.

After they talk a bit and Franklin says ‘see you later’ switch to Michael’s character and you should now take control of Patricia.





Step. 6 – Spawn a Buzzard and Eat a Peyote Plant


After taking control of Patricia, place the waypoint shown in the photo below and Spawn a Buzzard using the code “Circle, Circle, L1, Circle, Circle, Circle, L1, L2, R1, Triangle, Circle, Triangle”




Fly to the waypoint and look for a Peyote plant next to 2 poles. Eat the Peyote plant.




Step. 7 – Start an Online Solo Session with Frozen Money Activated and Buy Cars of Choice!

Once you eat the Peyote plant, you’ll find yourself in an illusion as a random bird. Hold right on the D-Pad to end the illusion and you should be stuck in the clouds. Select the options menu and start a GTA Online Solo Session.


After you spawn online, the Frozen Money Glitch will be activated! You can buy anything and your money will not be deducted from your bank account or wallet.

FYI – Properties bought with Frozen Money will not be saved. Cars must be swapped out or they will be lost!


Buy any cars of your choice. Deluxos sell for around 2.8M but we went with ordinary sports cars for this tutorial.

frozen money glitch

Step. 8 – Wait for Your Cars To be Delivered then Leave the Session via the Options menu ‘Online” tab

Step. 9 – Load into Story Mode Switch to Patricia again, then get WASTED

When you load into story mode you will spawn as Patricia once more and then glitch to Franklin. When this happens, repeat STEP 5 to get Michael to spawn as Patricia again by moving away from your original spawn point. If you spawn while driving the car, continue to drive away, look back then return to the spot and Patricia should spawn.

Input the code L1, L2, R1, R2, LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT, L1, L2, R1, R2, LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT to get Patrica to fall from the sky which will kill her instantly or find a creative way to get her wasted.




Step. 10 – Join any Random Session with a targeting mode different to yours

In the beginning, we selected free-aim because most GTA players use aim-assist. We need to join a random session with a different targeting mode so we can get a ‘change targeting’ confirmation screen. Selecting free-aim pretty much guarantees success since it’s likely the random session we join will be using aim-assist.

You can do it this way or set it up with a friend, it doesn’t matter.

If you did it right, you should spawn where you did when you ate the Peyote Plant as Patricia.

Start an Online “Invite Only Session”


Accept/Confirm the first option

Hit circle to say no to the ‘change targeting mode’ option


Step. 11 – Go to your Garages and Swap Out each Car you bought With Frozen Money to make them Stick (Important)

Once you spawn into your Invite Only Session, make sure you visit each garage you got vehicles delivered to and swap them out.

Do this by changing the position of the first car purchased with Frozen Money on the list and replace it with the next car. Go all the way around until you get back to the first car.


Step. 12 – Head Outside your Garage and Change your Outfit to force an Outfit Save


Step. 13 – Switch to Story Mode via Character Wheel, Close Application, Restart the game

After changing your outfit, switch to Story Mode using the character wheel. Once in Story Mode, press the PS button then close and restart your application.

At this point, you can try to go online.  If you successfully do so, skip to step 14.

If you get an error message saying “Unable to join Rockstar Servers” use the below workaround:


Restart your application and get ready to hold L1 + R1 after the below screen.


HoldL1+R1 until you reach the below screen. Accept and continue as normal


Step. 14 – Sell your Duped Cars for Cold Hard Cash!

The Frozen Money Glitch last step! That’s it! Once you load online your cars should be in your garages and you just need to sell them to get paid!





The End!

Updated 1.51 YouTube Tutorial Coming SOON!

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