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Final Fantasy 7 Remake Save Editor

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Save Editor

So there’s a Save Editor for Final Fantasy 7 Remake! (Yea, the one that just came out!)

Not even 2 weeks from the official release and you can already play as Red XIII, teleport anywhere, spawn out of bounds, create Materia, change background music and more by using this Save Editor!


N.B You will need the Save Wizard for PS4 Max in order to use the Save Editor


The Kingdom Save Editor is brought to you by @Xeeynamo and supports these titles:

  • Kingdom Hearts II (Final Mix) – PS2, PS3, PS4
  • Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories – PS2, PS4
  • Kingdom Hearts 0.2
  • Kingdom Hearts III
  • Final Fantasy 7 Remake

Download (All Versions)

Xeeynamo Github


Join the Discord Server HERE if you have questions!

Check Out the Tutorial Below!



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