Dying Light 2: Good Night Good Luck Update is INTENSE

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Dying Light 2: Good Night Good Luck Update is INTENSE

Dying Light 2: Good Night Good Luck Update is INTENSE

Dying Light 2 Update: Night-time Enhancements, Parkour Improvements, and More (1.11)

The latest update for Dying Light 2 brings exciting changes to enhance your gaming experience. Get ready for heightened tension and horror during the night, improved parkour mechanics, and other significant features. Let’s dive into the details!

Nighttime Enhancements

Experience the intense and terrifying atmosphere of the night with the following modifications:

  • The night has a heavy horror-like feel, increasing tension.
  • “Darker Nights” color grading reduces player visibility, making it scarier.
  • Updated flashlight rendering creates dynamic shadows in the dark environment.
  • Improved audio gameplay intensifies the nocturnal atmosphere.
  • HUD improvements for a more immersive nighttime experience.
  • Roaming Volatiles across rooftops ensures you’re never safe at night.
  • A reworked zombie population creates unexpected moments while exploring.

Parkour Improvements

Take your parkour skills to the next level with these new enhancements:

  • Improved animations for a more grounded and physical experience.
  • Personalize your sprinting experience with auto and manual modes.
  • Maintain momentum during a series of parkour moves.
  • Regain air control for reactive maneuvers in mid-flight.
  • Enjoy a variety of vault animations and smoother wall running.
  • Slide down billboards with a knife for a more immersive gameplay experience.

Mod.io Integration

Discover a multiverse of possibilities with custom maps created by fellow players. Here are the key details:

  • Explore a treasure trove of custom maps through the new Community Maps section.
  • Note that custom maps are separate from the main campaign and cannot be saved.
  • Co-op integration is not available for Community Maps at this time.
  • Mod.io integration is currently available on PC and coming soon to other platforms.

Additional Highlights

In addition to the major changes mentioned above, here are some other exciting features:

  • Enhanced graphics with the new SSR Ultra option for realistic reflections.
  • Experience the nostalgic “Harran Sunset” color grading option.
  • Throw weapons and retrieve them later for added fun.
  • Improved UI changes for Dynamic Challenges.
  • Option to auto-skip opening movies for a faster start.
  • Hide your helmet with transmog options to showcase your style.
  • Various fixes and improvements to co-op, gameplay, technical aspects, and UI.


With the latest Dying Light 2 update, you’ll be immersed in a more intense and thrilling gaming experience. Enjoy the enhanced nighttime atmosphere, master improved parkour mechanics, explore custom maps, and take advantage of the additional features. Get ready for an unforgettable adventure in the world of Dying Light 2!

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