Do This Shocking XP Diablo 4 Exploit Before Patch!

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Do This Shocking XP Diablo 4 Exploit Before Patch!

Do This Shocking XP Diablo 4 Exploit Before Patch!

Maximize Progression: Diablo 4 New Best XP & Loot Farm Guide

Today we have an incredible XP method in Diablo 4 to share with you. Get ready to earn up to 50 million XP per hour!

In this guide, we’ll walk you through the steps to maximize your XP gains while farming for loot. Let’s dive in!

XP Farming Method:

The recent update has significantly increased the amount of XP gained from nightmare dungeons and their mobs. Although the original method of resetting the dungeon indefinitely was patched, there’s still a workaround that allows you to farm XP efficiently. Take advantage of this method while you can, as it might be fixed soon. This is the most effective way to earn XP in the entire game, so let’s see how much you can get.

Optimizing the Farm:

To optimize your XP farming, you’ll need to join a group. If you prefer solo play, this method won’t work for you. Join our Discord channel or any other platform where players are looking for groups. Playing in a group of three is ideal. If you’re unable to find a full group, a duo can work.

Key Requirements:

You’ll need a key that is around five or six levels higher than your current level. This ensures you get maximum XP even if you level up during the farm. If you don’t have the right key, salvage the ones you have and craft new ones until you find a suitable option. The recommended dungeons for this method are Blind Burrows for duos and Champion’s Demise for groups.

Affixes and Negatives:

Focus on dungeons with affixes like “Reduce Cooldowns on kill” for faster farming. Other beneficial affixes include attack speed, movement speed, and crit chance. Avoid dungeons with negative affixes such as “Monsters take less damage from close targets” or the “Enchanted” affix. Getting the right key with favorable affixes is essential but can be challenging.

Executing the Farm:

Once you have your group and the appropriate key, activate it and teleport to the dungeon. Clear the mobs efficiently, utilizing the affixes to your advantage. Champions’ Demise is particularly beneficial for its mob density and has three lanes. If you’re fast, you can complete a run in around a minute and a half.

Resetting the Dungeon:


To reset the dungeon and keep farming, follow these steps. Have your friend promote you to the party leader. When they initiate the transfer world, decline it. Now, leave the party, which effectively resets the dungeon for you. Your friend can continue killing mobs and looting while you retain the sigil. Afterward, you can request to join them, and the dungeon will be reset for you.


With this method, you can earn approximately 50 million XP per hour, but that’s just the starting point. With a well-coordinated group, optimized builds, and efficient clearing, you can easily reach 60 to 70 million XP per hour. Remember to pick up sigils to use as you level up or craft more keys for continued farming.

Check out this in-depth YouTube video: (Credits: NickTew)


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