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Bird Skip Update 2020 (Merge Racing Gloves & Belts to Save Wizard Outfits)

How to Merge Belts/Racing/Biker Gloves to Save Wizard Outfits (Kill Bird Skip)

N.B The method to bring Save Editor outfits online using Save Wizard has been patched. Watch the workaround here. You can then proceed to watch the below video.


You need 2 pieces of computer software and the ‘No Hands/No Torso Save File’

  1. The Save Wizard for PS4 Max (PC/Mac)
  2. The GTA Save Editor Installer (PC Only)
  3. No Hands/No Torso Save Data (Male/Female)

N.B. The Save-Data is DECRYPTED and needs to be imported in advanced mode via Save Wizard to your personal GTA Save File.

New to the Save Wizard? Check out the installation guide here:

Already using the Save Wizard? Here’s a link to more than 30 free outfits!

Check Out the YouTube Tutorial Here:

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