Become GOD-Level Kratos NOW!

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Become GOD-Level Kratos NOW!

Become GOD-Level Kratos NOW!

God of War Ragnarok – Next Day Save Wizard Support!

Amazing News! God of War: Ragnarok gets Next-Day Save Wizard Support!

The game was released on the PS4 & PS5 on November 9th, and Save Wizard support was added on November 10th!

Thanks to everyone who submitted game saves via the Game Request Form!


Quick Mode

There are 41 cheats options (including subcategories) for the game:

  • Max Hacksilver
  • Max EXP – Kratos & Atreus
  • Max Items – Resources/unique Resources/Weapon Upgrades/Hero Upgrades/Key Items
  • Add/Replace Item (Experimental)


Game & Console Save Structure

The game generates multiple autosaves & manual saves which are listed in the console’s saved data.

Cheat Synopsis: GAME BREAKING

With these codes, you can potentially have a GOD-Level Kratos very early in the game! Max Hacksilver and EXP means you just need to farm items to upgrade everything in God of War: Ragnarok

PS4 – PS5 Cross-Save Support

PS4 – PS5 cross-save support is available in God of War: Ragnarok!

Advanced Mode Open!

Advanced mode is also open in the game which allows for the possibility of Quick Codes or Advanced mode edits.


Leviathan Axe Max Level Demo

YouTube Tutorial Video Coming Soon!



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