7 Ways To Obtain Removed Cars in GTA Online

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7 Ways To Obtain Removed Cars in GTA Online

7 Ways To Obtain Removed Cars in GTA Online

Revive Your Collection: How to Obtain Removed Cars in GTA Online 2023

If you’ve been keeping up with the latest San Andreas Mercenaries DLC in GTA Online, you probably know that Rockstar has removed nearly 200 cars from the in-game websites. Their reasoning behind this decision was to “streamline the browsing experience,” although many players feel that implementing a search bar or better filters would have been a more practical solution.

It’s evident that Rockstar’s excuse was merely an attempt to restrict access to these popular older vehicles, making them available only during event weeks or through GTA Plus membership via the new Vinewood Car Club. However, it’s important to note that if you already own any of these cars, they will not be removed from your garage. You simply can’t purchase them again through normal means.

Let’s cover each method available for both old-gen (PS4, Xbox One, PC) and current-gen (PS5 Xbox X/X) consoles. Let’s begin.

Old Gen #1 – Event Weeks

For old-gen consoles, you’ll largely depend on the event weeks that change every Thursday. Sometimes, the removed cars won’t be available during these weeks. The first two methods involve the casino podium and the LS Car Meet Prize Ride. The Event cars will change each week so be sure to check in on them often.

Old Gen#2 – LS Car Meets & Dealerships

You can find removed cars among the LS Car Meet test ride vehicles. You have the opportunity to purchase them during specific event weeks. For instance, during the current event last week, the Verlierer and GP1 were removed cars. The next method involves dealerships such as Luxury Autos and Simeon’s.

Old Gen #3 – Auto-Shop Businesses

The next method applicable to old-gen consoles is the auto shop business. If you don’t already own one, acquire an auto shop from the Maze Bank foreclosure site and install the extra car lift upgrade. This upgrade will increase your chances of finding removed cars. Similar to the test ride, you can approach customer cars and purchase them. Note that not all removed cars will spawn here, so you’ll need to deliver the customer cars to make room for the next set.

Old Gen #4 – Clubhouse

The sixth method is particularly useful for motorcycles and involves the motorcycle clubhouse business. Purchase a clubhouse from the Maze Bank foreclosure site and ensure you install the custom bike shop upgrade. One customer motorcycle will be delivered at a time, and you can buy it directly. As with the auto shop, delivering the custom motorcycle will trigger the spawn of the next one.

Old Gen #5 – Steal Street Cars

The last method for old-gen consoles involves finding street cars that were removed. Like the Oracle, Futo, Ruiner, etc. You can still steal these cars off the street and store them in your garage. However, hotter cars like the Coquette and OG Comet, which are valued at $100,000 or more, cannot be brought into your garage or custom shop due to being considered too hot to modify. In such cases, use the other methods mentioned earlier or consider utilizing glitches.

Current Gen #1 – LS Car Meet Buying Feature

Now let’s move on to methods exclusive to current-gen consoles (PS5 and Xbox Series X/S). You can use all the previously mentioned methods, plus the LS Car Meet buying feature from other players. If a friend owns a specific car you want that was removed, you can legitimately purchase it from them in the LS Car Meet. Just ensure that their HSW specification service setting is enabled and approach their car to buy it. This method is especially convenient if you’re part of a Discord server or community where you can connect with others who may possess the desired car.

Current Gen #2 – Vinewood Car Club

The final option for current-gen consoles is the new Vinewood Car Club, located at the docks. While anyone can enter the club, purchasing vehicles is exclusive to GTA Plus members, requiring a monthly fee of approximately $6. Last week, Rockstar included the Sterling GTI, Seminole Frontier, and Annis RE-7B, which were among the removed cars. It’s worth noting that this approach puts a membership paywall on accessing certain removed cars, which many find frustrating. However, the LS Car Meet buying feature remains the most valuable method for current-gen players.


We understand that Rockstar’s decision to remove cars has caused annoyance and backlash within the community. Unfortunately, we can only hope for a reversal of this change, although it seems unlikely given Rockstar’s intentions to promote shark card sales and GTA memberships at the Vinewood Car Club. Watch the below YouTube video for more in-depth info. (Credits: Digital Car Addict)

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