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Nioh 2 Save Wizard Cheats Now LIVE!

Nioh 2 Save Wizard Cheats Released!

Nioh 2 Save Wizard Cheats are HERE!

Just 3 days after the Team Ninja banger was released the Save Wizard team has pulled it off!

The process was completed extra fast most likely because of the games save structure which is pretty much an updated version of that in Nioh 1.

Thanks to everyone who submitted game saves to the team via the game request form!

There are 76 standard cheats available for Nioh 2 divided into two Save files. (75 – SAVEDATA00 & SYSTEMSAVEDATA00 – 1)



  1.  Max Glory


  1. Amrita
  2. Gold
  3. Max Skill Points (Skill Points will reset upon gain. Re-apply)
  4. Max Item In Box/Store House (Must have at least one before use. Items will revert to in-game max upon gain. Re-apply)




Make sure you copy the SYSTEM DATA file to use the MAX GLORY cheat.


Copy the CHARACTER DATA file to use the other cheats.

Nioh 2 Save Wizard Cheat Table






Advanced Mode Open!

Great news! The advanced mode is open in Nioh 2! Expect exclusive custom quick codes for this game GUARANTEED!!


Cheat Breakdown Video Coming Soon!

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