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Nioh 2 Save Wizard Quick Codes (1.21)

Nioh 2 Save Wizard Quick Codes (1.21)

Nioh 2 Custom Quick Codes – PS4 Save Wizard MAX


Nioh 2 Quick Codes custom made by PS4 Save Wizard Max Community modders are not endorsed by Save Wizard. Please use the codes at your own discretion!

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Codes by Syizm | Cyane & Noodles | InfinityArts | Royaute | XxUnkn0wnxX | Skiller | Full Metal Panda




Max All Weapon/Art Proficiency

201C49BC 000F423F
201C49B0 000F423F
201C4944 000F423F
201C4950 000F423F
201C495C 000F423F
201C4968 000F423F
201C4974 000F423F
201C4980 000F423F
201C498C 000F423F
201C4998 000F423F
201C49A4 000F423F
201C4A10 000F423F
201C4A1C 000F423F

All Weapons 170 (+20)

95000000 000ED3C0
4A000006 00AA00AA
42BB0090 00000000
4800000A 000000E1
42BB0090 00000000
4A00000C 0001863C
42BB0090 00000000


All Weapons 180 (+20)

95000000 000ED3C0
4A000006 00B400B4
42BB0090 00000000
4800000A 000000E1
42BB0090 00000000
4A00000C 0001863C
42BB0090 00000000


All Weapons MAX Level/Familiarity/Tier [200 +99] (1.21) *ETHREAL

95000000 000ED3C0
4A000006 00C800C8
42BB0090 00000000
4800000A 00000063
42BB0090 00000000
4A00000C 0001863C
42BB0090 00000000
48000014 00000005
42BB0090 00000000

Max Prestige (Agyo/Ungyo) *CAPPED

95000000 0007BBDF
48000001 0000001E
40100001 00000000


The Tengu’s Disciple (DLC)


Splitstaff Skill Points 9999

201C4878 0000270F



Splitstaff Max Proficiency

201C49B0 05F5E0FF


Darkness in the Capital (DLC)

Fist/Claws Skill Points 9999

201C4888 0000270F


Fists/Claws Max Proficiency

201C4888 0000270F

Update v1.18 Proof Video

Max Divine Umbracite

You’ll need to download this save and follow the YouTube tutorial below:




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67 thoughts on “Nioh 2 Save Wizard Quick Codes (1.21)

    1. Hello people. is there a chance that the quick code “god mode” will be updated to version 1.21?

      Grato jog guys. Thanks

        1. Hi is there any code for the last version of nioh 2 that you can max out all gear – armor stats the one I plays to 999% on ethereal weapons ?

        2. i got the wizard today i add nioh 2 like you did but still everything are lock o cannot add nothing any suggest?
          i use the last ps version and the last nioh 2 version
          APP Bin cannot add anything
          quik mode also not available

  1. Can we no longer change max stats on soul cores through advance mode? I tried a couple and no go. Not sure if there is a cap one must stay under now. On soul cores before patch 1.11 you could alter and max these.

  2. Se podra conseguir nuevos codigos?
    Sabes si el programa save editor for NH 2 volvera a permitir modificaciones? gracias

  3. I have applied the cheat “Max all equipment special effects stats” but cannot see what it does. Can someone tell me? On what exactly are the stats it max?

    1. you sound like a game dev. collecting money but dont get things working prop. or updated more often. stay on top move your ass.

  4. Any codes for gear that also apply to the storehouse or do I have to transfer stuff in my inventory then apply it many times? Just making provisions in case a future update would prevent the codes to work. Thanks, awesome work as always

  5. Just curious, what is the cap of Max Prestige (Agyo/Ungyo) ? It won’t do anything for me, so I guess I might be capped. Thanks! Great work

  6. im getting a pop up it says: “An unknown error has occurred” when i try to open my save file in the advanced mode, it never happened before until now, pls help.

  7. hello good morning can you please post the previous item code at most it was working even in this version 1.21 we really need it after the save wizard code does not leave all items at maximum your code is better please.

      1. code of all consumable items like anrita stones all hair left the items 9999 i had even saved but had to format the pc i lost them sorry this is bothering you

  8. Update 1.22 is out, Is possible have the codes of the dlc the first samurai and all weapon max etheral for update 1.22,please?

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