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How To Get the Paramedic Outfit (GTA Online)

Paramedic Outfit in GTA Online (Blue Only)

Credit: Husky_70

What up guys, here’s a way to get the blue paramedic outfit on EASY mode.

First, go to this job on the Rockstar Social Club Website and bookmark it.

If done correctly, you should find the job under bookmarked jobs.

Next, get a friend to join and start the job.

N.B The host will NOT get the paramedic outfit with the belt. If you want the belt, make sure you don’t host!

Ready up and don’t be alarmed you are not wearing the uniform yet.

As soon as the match starts you will get the uniform!

Equip an earpiece and leave the job through your phone!

Once done correctly you will spawn online in the outfit! Go to ammunation or a clothes store to save it!

You can also check out the YouTube video below!


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