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Frozen Money Property Hack! (1M Per Minute! No Deluxos) *PATCHED*

Make $$ using Properties! (Frozen Money Glitch Update)

*Frozen Money has been patched as of 12.12.19 – Update 1.50


It turns out you can make cold hard cash selling properties while doing the Frozen Money Glitch!

Of course, you’ll need Save Wizard and the Frozen Money Save. 

You also need to have at least 1.1M in GTA Online cash. Don’t worry, you won’t spend a dime of it 😉.

Check out the latest Frozen Money process here.

Let’s jump into the property hack in detail!

Step 1. Initiate BEFF Mode

Ya’ll know the vibe! Get into BEFF mode to start the glitch! If you don’t know how check the blog post above!

Step 2. Buy the 3 Most Expensive Properties using Frozen Money (Eclipse Apartments 1, 2 and 3)

Once you have 1.1M, you can purchase all 3 Eclipse Apartments using frozen money. Remember, while in FM you don’t gain, or lose $. Save the apartments in Slot 4,5 and 6.

Step 3. Change your outfit to force a cloud save and close the application

Change outfits and wait for the orange circle in the bottom right then close the application.

Step 4. Restart Application then buy the  3 cheapest properties and place them in slots 4,5 and 6

You’ll notice here that the property value from the Eclipse Apts. remains the same on slots 4, 5 and 6 but you get the difference of the trade-in value straight to your account!

Flip on Property #1

Flip on Property #2

Flip on Property #3

And that’s pretty much it! You can rinse and repeat this method as often as you like! You can also check the YouTube tutorial video below!


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