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Frozen Money Glitch/Unlimited RP Solo! [GTA Online 1.50]

How to Get Frozen Money & Unlimited RP in GTA Online! (SOLO) Save Wizard/DMO Save Method



Welcome Back!

In today’s tutorial, we’ll look at how to get Frozen Money & Unlimited RP Solo in GTA Online!


You will need:


Save Wizard for PS4 Max

DMO Modded Save 2.0


Besides this, make sure you have a Random Capture Job set up in Creator.



Step. 1 Perform a Recent Activity (Golf, Wrestling Etc)


Step 2. Load The Modded Save & Start Invite Only Session


Step 3. Make Sure Your Spawn Location is Set to ‘Last Location’ & Go Back to Story Mode


Step 4. Start Creator and Test Your Capture Job


Step 5. Select Trevor via D-Pad, Accept Alert, Disconnect From Internet, Wait, Accept 2nd Alert and Reconnect to Internet



Step 6. Answer Call, Go to Director Mode, Change Time to ‘Midday’ Select Actors > Franklin Walk Out of Trailer



Step 7. Wait for Lester to Call, Hang Up, Go To Movie Theater, Hit Right on D-Pad to Watch Movie, Interaction Menu – Select Return to Casting Trailer, Hit X twice, PSN Button x 1, Start Recent Activity



Step 8. Go Online and Immediately Disconnect From Internet, Accept Alert, WAIT till You Spawn As Trevor, Hit Options, Reconnect to Internet & Start Creator



Step 9. On Creator Settings Screen, Disconnect From Internet, Accept Alert, Select Exit to GTA Online, Wait for Black Screen then Reconnect to Internet. Immediately Start Recent Activity and hit Square on Alert. You Should Eventually Spawn Online With Glitched Menu



Step 10. Locate Peyote Plant, Eat it, Immediately Find New Session, Spawn in Frozen State, Start Titan of a Job But Exit on Settings Screen. You are Now in Frozen Money & Unlimited RP Mode! Buy Cars and Get RP Until You’re Satisfied, EWO, Save Cars (Swap Them Out) Save RP (Gain Legit RP – Rob Store or Escape From Cops) Change Outfits, DONE!



Complete YouTube Tutorial

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