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DBZ Kakarot Save Wizard Cheats Now LIVE!

DBZ Kakarot Save Wizard Cheats Released!

DBZ Kakarot Save Wizard Cheats are HERE!

After 1 month and 12 days after the release date, the Save Wizard team has done it!

The process took a bit longer than usual this time most likely due to cheat instability.

Thanks to everyone who submitted game saves to the team via the game request form!

There are 7 standard cheats available for DBZ Kakarot.

  1. Max Zeni
  2. Max Orbs
  • Blue
  • Red
  • Green
  • Rainbow
  • Purple
  • White



Check Out Modded Screenshot Below!




Errors When Adding Cheats

If you receive any of the below errors, they are most likely server related so keep trying!

  • 10006:e7b8-47162151
  • 10006:e7b8-47162166
  • 10006:e768-47161977
  • 10006:d74b-75461154

Advanced Mode Cheats!

Once the advanced mode is open, there may be an opportunity to get a ‘Max Level’ cheat, if one of the community Save Wizard coders can figure it out!


Cheat Breakdown Video Coming Soon?

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